Couple living in storage unit due to expensive rent get kicked out after going viral

A couple has social media to blame for being evicted from where they were living after they went viral due to showing that they bed down in a storage unit.
The cost of living has been getting out of control recently, that's something most of us can agree on - and people are finding inventive ways to hold onto their hard-earned cash.

With rent prices increasing, some have opted to find new living arrangements that save some money, like a storage unit.

While many influencers flaunt their lavish lifestyles or offer advice on the latest trends, Leland Brown Jr. and his girlfriend Breanna have captured the attention of millions with their storage unit home.
With over 12.5 million views on TikTok, people were amazed at the unconventional living situation.

"I live in a storage unit because it’s cheap compared to an apartment," explained Brown in a video confession from Hatfield, Penn. "Living here is actually really comfortable. I get a lot of things that I need and want to get done here."

Their TikTok clips offer a glimpse into their daily life, demonstrating how they utilize the space for various activities. From exercising to playing music, the couple has found creative ways to make their storage unit feel like home.

Complete with a day bed, loveseat, wardrobe, and bookshelf, their makeshift home seems cozy enough.

"I can exercise, I can use the bathroom, I can play music anywhere in the unit," he said. "It’s climate controlled in here, so it’s nice and warm."

Brown continued: "This unit is 24 hours. So, I can come here anytime I want, stay here as long as I need to…we can take naps if we need to."

However, their attempts to fly under the radar were thwarted when they were evicted from the unit.

Living in a storage facility is against the law, as highlighted by LifeStorage, a New York-based self-storage company.

Following their eviction, the couple temporarily sought refuge in a tent in the woods, but their shelter was damaged by heavy snowfall. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stepped in, offering to replace their tent and provide accommodation at a local Holiday Inn.

In their time of need, Brown and his girlfriend have turned to crowdfunding, launching a GoFundMe page seeking $10,000 in donations. With the goal of securing stable housing and transportation, they hope to provide a better life for their family.

Some people who saw the videos weren't overly impressed with the management at the storage unit facility for evicting the couple.

One person said: "Some of us site managers know and we just look the other way if they're not causing trouble. The world is rough right now. Be kind."

A second person added: "As a former Storage facility property manager… yes we knew but as long as you didn’t bother nobody we looked the other way."

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