Woman who slurped down 48 raw oysters on first date left stunned as date ditches her with the bill

One woman took to TikTok to share details of a rather unfortunate date after she was ditched mid-way through.
The TikTok user, who goes by @equanaaa on the platform, revealed she had noisily slurped her way through 48 raw oysters before her date told her he was going to the toilet and never returned.

Most of us have been on a date and knew there wasn't going to be a second one, but usually, most people would politely stay until the end and then make an excuse why they wouldn't want to see the person again.

But it seemed Equana's date couldn't make it through her last plate of oysters - while he sipped one single drink - and made a swift, unannounced exit, leaving her with the bill.

Equana revealed that she had been texting the man for "weeks" and finally decided to meet up for a date with him because she was "bored and had time".

She revealed that the pair met up at Fontaine's Oyster House in Atlanta where a dozen oysters cost $15 - so she decided to go wild and order herself four plates.

After dousing all 48 oysters in sauce, she filmed herself - seemingly with the flash on - noisily slurping them down, plate after plate.

Unfortunately, it was around the fourth platter that things started to go wrong, as she explained: "Y'all when the fourth one came out he was looking at me crazy."

Despite the strange looks she was getting she claimed she "didn't give a f**k," adding: "I was like, 'Baby, you invited me out - I'm going to eat.'"
After polishing off all 48 of the oysters apparently as an appetizer, Equana began browsing what she could have next, choosing some potatoes off the menu along with crab cakes.

Equana's insatiable appetite for seafood appeared to put her date off as she revealed: "Why he say he was going to the bathroom and never came back? The f**k?"

She added: "It's been 10, 20, 30 minutes... Had to end up grabbing the tab... Left me with his one f****** drink."

Equana ended up footing the bill for her feast herself but revealed the man messaged her later to say: "I offered to take you out for drinks and you ordered all that food - I can Cashapp the total for the drinks."

The restaurant's manager Kelcey Flanagan revealed that dates going overboard on the oysters actually wasn't an isolated incident, explaining: "This is nothing new for us. It was just quite funny. I’ve had two ladies order six dozen [oysters] each. That’s not even the cherry on top – they were drinking white Russians.

"I will say, it had been a minute since I had a single female eat that many... it’s pretty impressive."

Most of the viewers in her comments ended up siding with the date, writing: "Imagine listening to someone slurp 48 oysters", and: "Idk what’s worse, the 48 oysters as an APPETIZER or the insane slurping and smacking".

Others added: "The audacity to ask WHATS NEXT after 50 oysters is INSANE," and: "the flash, the moaning, 'what im bout to eat' after 50 oysters YO IM HOLLERING".

Here's hoping there's a seafood-loving man out there who can match Equana in the oyster-eating stakes.

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