Among the six fatalities in the Sydney shopping center attack was a mother who made desperate attempts to save her injured baby.

A tragedy unfolded at a Sydney shopping mall, where a first-time mother lost her life in a shocking stabbing spree. Her nine-month-old baby, injured by knife wounds, underwent surgery. Six people perished in the incident, which ended when an off-duty female police officer heroically shot the attacker.

Ash Good, 38, was identified as the first victim. Witnesses recounted how she entrusted her child to fellow shoppers for emergency care. Two brothers provided aid by using shirts as makeshift bandages.

Despite efforts to save her, Ms. Good was among the deceased. Her child's condition remains uncertain. Described as a beautiful and athletic person eagerly anticipating motherhood, Ms. Good shared a video on Instagram shortly before the tragedy.

The attack occurred around 3:30 pm local time, prompting a swift police response. Video footage captured a brave shopper confronting the assailant on an escalator before the officer intervened.

The police officer, hailed as a hero, acted alone to neutralize the attacker, preventing further harm. Authorities have identified the assailant as a 40-year-old known to law enforcement, although the motive remains unclear and terrorism is not suspected.
A supervisor of a luggage store in the centre said he witnessed the attacker stab a woman and saw the bodies of four people on the ground, including two security guards.

Yohan Francois Philip, 29, said a woman fleeing the attacker ran to his shop, “banged on the door and said let me in”.

He added: “As I was letting her in, the perpetrator fell behind her with a knife and I saw him and so did the other customers in the store locked in with us and so we quickly pulled her in, [and] locked the door. He got up and we realised he [had] just stabbed two security guards.

“Then he ran across to the corner part of the luggage store, to the premium section, and he stabbed a woman, which I saw happen right in front of me.”

Another shopper also described the attacker heading in her direction before the female officer shot him dead.
“If she didn’t shoot him, he would have kept going,” she said. “He was on the rampage.

“Then she walked over and gave him CPR. He had a big blade on him – she chucked the knife away. He looked like he was on a killing spree.”

King Charles said he and the Queen were “utterly shocked and horrified” by the “senseless attack” in Sydney and their “hearts go out to the families and loved ones of those who have been so brutally killed”.

Prince William and Kate also offered their condolences, saying they were “shocked and saddened by the terrible events”.

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