Former Nickelodeon star Raquel Lee Bolleau accuses Amanda Bynes of spitting in her face during filming

She is one of several former Nickelodeon child stars to speak out in Investigation Discovery's Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV
Amanda Bynes' former Nickelodeon co-star Raquel Lee Bolleau has accused the actress of spitting in her face on set.

Last month saw the release of the Investigation Discovery series Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, which focused on allegations of toxic working conditions during TV producer and screenwriter Dan Schneider's reign at Nickelodeon.

In the docuseries, former child actors, parents and ex-staff opened up about the atmosphere at Nickelodeon as well as Schneider's alleged behavior.

One of the actors who spoke out in Quiet on Set is Raquel Lee Bolleau, who starred in the first season of The Amanda Show.

The popular series saw Amanda Bynes and other teen cast members - including Drake Bell and Josh Peck - perform comedy skits.

Recently, a resurfaced clip from the show of Schneider in a hot tub with a 16-year-old Bynes had many people feeling uncomfortable.
Raquel recalled an incident when she and Amanda were filming a skit called 'The Literals.'

She alleges that Amanda repeatedly spat in her face, even when nobody told her to do so.

"Everybody thought it was so funny. Everybody’s laughing, but I did not find it funny," she recalled. "The third time, I was infuriated.
"The director hurried and put me on the side of the set and was like, 'Listen, Raquel. Breathe in. Breathe out. She’s the star of the show.'"

The actress, who is now the voice of Nubia Gross in The Proud Family, shared further details of her Nickelodeon experience on Instagram.

Alongside several images of herself and the cast of The Amanda Show, the now-37-year-old said that her time at Nickelodeon changed her life, 'but not in the way [she] thought.'

"I had entered into a new season of my life that I wasn’t ready for. The daily struggles on set to find acceptance, being the token 'black friend' always! doing your best but always feeling overlooked," Raquel shared.

She also said she had been in 'deep pain' watching Quiet On Set, continuing: "To know that I am not alone in some of the things I experienced as a child actor, but to also hear the types of environments I was in as a kid without even knowing, just sickens my stomach.
"I know that everything happens for a reason and we all deserve to heal from our trauma, but this is so hard to take in."

Nickelodeon fans have been left reeling by the allegations made in the docuseries.

Among the most heartbreaking stories is that of Drake Bell, who starred in the likes of The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh.

The actor said he was sexually abused by dialogue and acting coach Brian Peck during his time at the children's TV network.

Back in August 2003, Peck was arrested on 11 charges related to allegations that he'd sexually abused Bell (who was kept anonymous at the time).

In May 2004, Peck pleaded no contest to performing a lewd act with a 14-or-15-year-old, and to oral copulation with a minor under 16.

Peck was ultimately sentenced to 16 months in prison and was also ordered to register as a sex offender.

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