Viewers feeling sick over ‘brutal’ boiled alive death scene in series labelled ‘Game of Thrones in Japan’

People are shook after watching the distressing scene.
A new samurai show that dropped in the UK last week is getting rave reviews for it’s incredible cinematography and intense scenes.

Shogun is an adaptation of a novel published in 1975 by author James Clavell. A miniseries was released in the 1980’s and, at the time, was actually the first series to break many broadcasting taboos, containing many firsts for American TV – such as the depiction of a beheading.

Set in the early 1600s, the series revolves around two protagonists.

One is shipwrecked English navigator John Blackthorne, who finds himself washed up on the shores of Japan, as it stands on the brink of a century-defining civil war.

The other is Lord Yoshii Toranaga, who is fighting for complete power in the midst of the civil war and uprising against his rulership, and who uses Blackthorne’s presence to sow discord among his enemies.

The first three episodes are now available to stream on Disney Plus. New episodes will drop every Tuesday on the platform.

It didn’t take long for the epic programme to become a talking point online, with many people shocked and taken aback by a certain scene within the first two episodes.

The scene depicts a torture method that includes boiling a captive alive in a huge cauldron filled with water at a temperature of 180 degrees celsius.

While the camera only shows the boiling man for a few seconds, his screams can be hard for what some viewers consider to be far too long.

The objective of the scene is to show the unrelenting cruelty of Kashigi Yabushige, one of the main characters in the show.

Considering the horrific sequence happens in the first episode of the show, it caught a lot of viewers by surprise and might have gone so far as to turn them off the reminding nine episodes.

The series currently has a tomatometer score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an audience score of 94%.

People have been quick to draw comparisons between the Japanese powerhouse and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Although Shōgun doesn’t have any of the dragons or witchcraft of Game of Thrones, the scale of the two series appears to be similar.

The FX series has a huge cast, including John Wick star Hiroyuki Sanada in the role of Lord Yoshii and British actor Cosmo Jarvis as Blackthorne, and its story is set to cover the political turmoil of a region over a long period of time.

It doesn’t seem as though boiling someone in water was ever a typical form of torture in wartime, imperial Japan. It seems as though it’s severity is a symbol of the lengths this particular character of Yabushige is willing to go to inflict pain on his victims.

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