Over $95,000 raised for man who was thrown 'a BBQ' after working same job for 42 years

Support has surged for a diligent and committed man following revelations about his retirement by a fellow co-worker.
Sonia, deeply moved by the treatment her colleague John received after 42 years of service at the same company, took initiative and harnessed the influence of social media for a positive cause.

Using TikTok as her platform, Sonia disclosed that John, who had devoted over four decades to the job, had been compensated with just a retirement barbecue and a certificate on his last day, despite working for minimum wage.

Expressing discontent at the inadequate acknowledgment of John's contributions, especially considering his age in the 70s, many of his colleagues believed he deserved more. In response, Sonia created a GoFundMe campaign for John, accompanied by a video narrating his story.

The initial video showcased John's final day at what seemed to be a warehouse unit. A caption on the screen conveyed, "Today is my co-worker’s last day. He worked for this company for 42 years making minimum wage."

Continuing, Sonia expressed her disappointment, stating, "The company only threw him a barbecue and gave him a certificate. He takes the bus and Bart (train) to get here every day on time. He’s 70+. He loves working here so much he didn’t want to retire. [He got] No bonus, just a barbecue and a certificate. Don’t be a slave to your job. Thank you, John, for your loyalty."

Since establishing the GoFundMe page in October, over $95,000 has been raised for John!

On the fundraising platform, Sonia characterized John as one of the most skilled and industrious employees in the company, highlighting his extreme reliability.

Sonia noted the challenge of persuading John to take breaks as he consistently expressed a strong desire to work. "No matter how much we encouraged him to use his vacation days, he was always eager to continue working," she remarked.

In her plea, Sonia asked, "Can we provide John with a little extra for his retirement? Perhaps some positive vibes and words of encouragement to support him in the days ahead." She explained that John has no spouse or children but has a beloved nephew. Sonia expressed the desire to offer him companionship or engaging activities to ensure he feels special and cherished.

She concluded, "It would be wonderful to provide him with some form of companionship or activities, so he knows that he holds a special place in our hearts."

On the fundraising page, numerous generous contributors also shared supportive and commendatory messages for John.

"John, your dedication and work ethic are truly humbling. Much respect and best wishes to you in your well-earned retirement. God bless, brother," expressed one user.

Another contributor stated, "John, you are an inspiration! God bless you, John. My middle son is named John, and I hope when he grows up, he possesses the qualities you displayed all these years—loyalty, dedication, hard work, gratitude, and a positive attitude! Please enjoy your retirement, John; it is so richly deserved. May you be blessed. Sending you lots of love, blessings, and very best wishes, Margaret."

"Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration, John! We need more individuals like you in the world. All the best to you from NYC!" added a third contributor.

And at the end of October, Sonia shared a video showing a smiling John revealing that he had received the money and it was now safely in his bank account.

We wish John all the happiness in his retirement - you've earned it!

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