Angry server expresses disdain for Europeans after receiving a 10% tip on a $700 bill.

A server has vented frustration at European patrons, considering a 10% tip on a $700 bill as an affront.
The ongoing debate surrounding tipping seems to persist, with no clear consensus in sight.

Divergent perspectives on tipping exist across countries and cultures, creating potential conflicts, particularly for those who perceive they have received inadequate gratuities.

In the United States, tips serve as a vital supplement to a server's income, aiding them in meeting the high cost of living. Conversely, in Europe, employees often receive a living wage, and tips are regarded more as a gesture to acknowledge exceptional service.
In locations such as Italy and the UK, it's unlikely that your money will be declined if you attempt to tip, but it's equally unlikely that the staff anticipates you contributing more than what's indicated on the bill.

In a specific case, the waitress Madison, working at a New York restaurant, used X (formerly Twitter) to express her complaints earlier this year.
In a tweet that has since been deleted, Madison alleged that a group remained at the restaurant for an extended period, expressing satisfaction when her manager inquired about their experience.

"Lmao, I freaking hate Europeans sometimes, on God. This table just left $70 on a $700 check after chilling for HOURS. My manager even asked about their service, and they were OVER THE MOON about my service, so he explained the customary tip is 20%, and they were like 'ok.' And left, [sic]," she wrote, accompanied by a screenshot of the check. A subsequent caption read: "We need to ban Europeans from traveling here until they learn how to act."

However, the server wasn't pleased with their generosity, as they left a $70 tip on a $700 bill, prompting her to express her frustration, stating she "freaking hates Europeans sometimes." Adding to the matter, a photo of the bill clearly showed suggested tips listed at the bottom, starting at a minimum of 20%.

This naturally prompted a wave of support from Americans defending Madison, but it also led several Europeans to question why she was dissatisfied with a $70 tip.

While some people described the $70 tip as "acceptable", another stated that the tipping culture in the US "has got to end".

A sympathetic user on X responded, "Europeans aren't accustomed to tipping because servers generally receive good pay. Blame the flawed late-stage capitalism in the US, not patrons from other countries."

Fast forward to this Christmas, and it seems Madison's challenges at work persist. Despite sparking a new debate unrelated to tips, her responses are still filled with people asserting that she has no right to complain.

On X, she shared, "I have a table that signed a large party contract, and now that they've finished their meal, after praising it the entire time, they're saying, 'actually, we DON'T want to pay the $2,000 check.'"

To reinforce her argument that she believes Europeans don't know how to behave in restaurants, she added, "They were like, 'you can't make us pay,' and we responded with, 'well, actually, you signed a legal contract to make this reservation, and we have your credit card on file... so, actually, we can.'"
It appears that the table opted for a "prix fixe" menu, where a set price is paid, and customers can choose from a list of items.

Considering the vastness of Europe, Madison didn't disclose the customers' specific origin. However, based on her remarks, it seems she often encounters individuals from this particular country.

What a challenging situation.

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