Piers Morgan once again forced to deny he's the pigeon lady from 'Home Alone 2'

There are only 17 days left before Christmas which means people are re-watching all their favourite festive films, including Home Alone and its sequel. One rather unnerving fan-theory is that Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan is the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.
Piers had to deny the claims after his co-host Susanna Reid revived the accusations during Tuesday's show. She claimed that the Good Morning Britain staff and crew had found "proof" that Piers had a role in the film however he continued to deny it.
To make matters worse for Piers, the Good Morning Britain producers showed a picture of Piers next to the Central Park Pigeon Lady and we must say, there is an uncanny resemblance!

Susanna claimed she had 'proof' they were the same person, showing footage from an episode in 2018 where Morgan was covered in pigeons.
One Twitter user posted a side-by-side picture of Piers and the pigeon lady and wrote: "Im not saying Piers Morgan is the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2 but have you ever seen them in a room together at the same time."

Cameron Walker, a Good Morning Britain journalist responded to the fan theory. He tweeted: "This may be one of the greatest unexpected "cameos" I have ever seen."

Another person said: "I'm not sure I can un-see this [sic]", with the 'mind-blown' emoji.

"Has @piersmorgan confirmed or denied his participation in Home Alone as the Pigeon Lady?" asked one Twitter user.

One Twitter user tagged Piers Morgan on Twitter and said: "[I] Think we will call you the pigeon lady from now on!"

"This is too funny," said another. "Now I can't un-see it or think it".

A third Twitter user responded to the viral meme with, "I don't think the pigeon lady deserves this."

So, is Piers Morgan the pigeon lady? Well, Brenda Fricker, the actress who actually plays her will beg to differ.

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