Bhad Bhabie Danielle Bregoli shows off growing baby bump in stunning photos after pregnancy announcement

Danielle Bregoli has proudly displayed her growing baby bump in a series of stunning photos on Instagram
The 20-year-old rapper and social media star - also known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie - announced her pregnancy at the start of the month by showing off her already blossoming bump.

Despite the good news, Bregoli - who shot to fame during her appearance on a 2016 episode of Dr. Phil titled 'I Want to Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried to Frame Me for a Crime' alongside her mom - was initially met with criticism from some social media users.

While some blasted the star for being "too young" to have a baby, many of her fans quickly rushed to Bregoli's defense. "It’s crazy how people act like having kids isn’t a part of life. Why wish the worst on her? She can afford to have kids so just congratulate her," one fan wrote.

"She’s literally a grown adult with a stable life. You sound ridiculous," another commented.

Fortunately, the trolls haven't deterred Bregoli from sharing more updates regarding her pregnancy with her 16.2 million followers, as she's taken to the social media platform to share a number of gorgeous pregnancy posts.

In one post, she sensationally revealed that she was having a girl! The gender reveal saw Bregoli posing with her exposed bump on top of a motorcycle, with pink smoke bellowing from the exhaust.

In another post, she could be seen showing off her blossoming bump while posing in soccer attire on a pitch.

And finally, in another post, Bregoli shared a number of professional shots from a recent pregnancy shoot.

Covering her modesty with just a white sheet, the glowing mom-to-be not only showed off her bump, but also her many tattoos.

Despite ongoing criticism from a number of judgemental social media users in her comments section, it would appear that one thing that won't be an issue for Bregoli is money.

After launching a profile on the adult subscription site OnlyFans just days after she turned 18, Forbes has since recognized Bregoli as one of the top content creators of 2022 and 2023.

In fact, last month she shared a screenshot to her Instagram Stories, showing a monthly breakdown of what she was making on the platform - which requires subscribers to pay a monthly fee to access her content, with the option to pay extra for exclusive images and videos, as well as the ability to 'tip' the creator.

Bregoli's screenshot revealed that in her first month on the site - April 2021 - she made over an enormous $18 million from the wave of subscribers flocking to join.

The following month she made just under $6.9 million, in June 2021 she made $4.6 million, and the money just kept on rolling for the rest of the year, with November 2021 netting her $833,234.89.
Well, how 'bowt dat?!

We wish Bregoli the very best on her pregnancy journey.

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