People are alarmed upon discovering that nearly every type of wild fish is contaminated with worms.

If you believed that bloodsuckers and parasites were limited to land, you would be disturbingly mistaken. The oceans harbor numerous stomach-churning parasites. These could be isopods that consume and replace a fish's tongue or sea lice, which in severe instances can devastate salmon farms, leaving the fish with an appearance reminiscent of zombies.

However, there's a particular type of parasite that might accompany your fish dinner all the way to your plate. Regrettably, that's worms, specifically a species of nematode worm known as ascarids.
These are parasitic worms that inhabit the bodies of marine fish. They are so widespread that avoiding them can be extremely challenging when consuming wild fish.

Compounding the issue is that although heat can kill the worms, the required temperature is high enough to overcook the fish, resulting in a dry and tasteless outcome.
The challenge lies in the fact that nematodes are so prevalent that they are virtually unavoidable in wild fish.

A fish specialist shared with Vice News, "There are parasites in almost every kind of fish. What I provide is as fresh as can be, coming straight from the ocean to the restaurant." Despite their commitment to freshness, even this expert has reservations, stating, "I don't eat raw fish because of what I've seen. I don't eat sushi anymore."

Nevertheless, there are methods to eliminate parasites and still enjoy delicious fish. In fact, this is often a requirement for fish intended for sushi. The solution involves freezing the fish at an extremely low temperature for an extended period, effectively eliminating any parasites present in the fish.
For the most part, the fish is deemed safe for consumption, but there's no denying that the notion of nematodes would give pause even to the most experienced seafood enthusiast.

People expressed horror at the prospect, with one commenting, "Yuk… my stomach turned. That is fish from the ocean. I have witnessed this while preparing fish and I will never eat ocean fish again."

Another shared, "My sister worked in a deli and they would routinely pull out parasites from salmon. She won't touch the stuff now. So, I think it's fairly common."

A third individual wrote, "I'd be taking that to the grocery store to report it and get a refund."

Despite these concerns, consuming fish is generally safe if it has been appropriately frozen to eliminate parasites.

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