Lindsey Shaw says she 'ran through' every Ned's Declassified cast member before settling on Devon Werkheiser

While Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide may have been an innocent kid's show, some racy stuff seemed to have happened behind the scenes.

The popular Nickelodeon show aired between 2004 and 2007, which was based on a boy named Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser) and his best friends Moze (Lindsey Shaw) and Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee) at James K. Polk Middle School in California.
While they were best pals on-screen, Shaw and Werkehiser ended up in a romantic relationship away from the cameras, and are said to have started dating in the run up to the filming for the show coming in a close in 2007.

They stayed together for over a year after filming ended and, while they might now be exes, the two Nickelodeon stars have remained friends.

Curtis Lee is also still friends with his co-stars from over a decade ago, with the trio now hosting a podcast titled Ned's Declassified Podcast.

In a recent episode, Shaw touched on her romance with Werkehiser - but admitted that he wasn't the first Ned Declassified co-star she was involved with.

"Dude, I ran through every Ned's cast member before I landed on Devon," Shaw admitted. "Remember that?"

Werkehiser responded to her remarks saying 'the f***k?!' as he stared directly into the camera.

Apparently Shaw also had a thing with Teo Olivares as well as 'Coconut Head' actor, Rob Pinkston. But eventually, Shaw ended up only having eyes for Werkehiser.

"You were liked by all the guys," the actor reminisced, before Curtis Lee weighed in saying it was because 'she had breasts'.

Shocked at his comment, Werkehiser burst into laughter.

A clip of their podcast has been shared on TikTok, and people have been quick to share their comments on the matter - with many expressing their surprise that Shaw dated Pinkston.

"Wait she went out with coconut head??? (Rob Pinkston)," someone asked.

"Coconut head too?!" said another.
"Dang coconut head before ned," a third went on.

Many Ned's Declassified fans will have probably question at some point if Coconut Head's iconic hair was real or not

"That became the haircut, and then I was just so excited to be involved I thought, 'sure, I'll wear the wig'," he told us.

"But then I was kind of nervous to ever mention anything, like 'should I take this off during lunch... or ever?'"

Just like viewers, even his co-stars thought that was his actual hair.

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