People assert that McDonald's is privy to information not known to the public, following the opening of a store in an isolated location devoid of electricity.

McDonald's is a globally recognized brand, with its fast-food outlets spanning over 100 countries and territories.
The majority of its 36,000 restaurants are typically situated in densely populated areas, as it stands to reason that in the absence of people, there would be limited interest in enjoying a substantial Big Mac meal.

However, the opening of this specific McDonald's deviates from the usual pattern, as it is situated in the remote Canadian countryside.

Last week, McDonald's officially launched a new establishment at 8075 Avenue Marcel-Villeneuve in Saint-François, Laval, Quebec.

"Open for business! Our staff is ready to welcome you to our new restaurant at 8075 Marcel-Villeneuve, Laval," the restaurant announced on Facebook.

Jéremy Lévy from McDonald's expressed, "I am thrilled to engage with the Saint-François community on the occasion of this opening. Growing up with a father who is also a McDonald's franchisee, I have witnessed his active involvement in the communities where he operates his restaurants. Today, I am excited to follow in his footsteps and contribute in the same manner."
Despite being operational for just a week, the recently opened restaurant has gained widespread attention, primarily due to a TikTok video posted by @thumbs.up.canuck.

Upon discovering the new 'Maccies' in proximity, the TikToker refrained from immediately heading to the establishment for a burger and fries, finding himself thoroughly perplexed instead.

The man's primary source of bewilderment stemmed from the restaurant's location, particularly the absence of electricity at the site. While capturing footage of the new establishment from his car, he remarked, "It's literally in the middle of a farm field. It's surrounded by farmland, and there's not even electricity yet. They're running the place on a generator! That's crazy!"

The video has garnered over 37,000 views on TikTok, sparking various conspiracy theories.
There are even speculations circulating that the corporate offices of McDonald's Canada might possess information that is not known to the general public.

"Then you know what's coming; they wouldn't put it there for nothing," asserted one user.

A second comment read, "In two years, it will be surrounded by houses strategically planned."

Meanwhile, a third commenter remarked, "All the surrounding farms are about to be purchased and sold to developers."

Additional comments suggest that the area is poised for development, with McDonald's being the inaugural company to establish a presence in the upcoming transformation.

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