Orange flavour Mini Eggs have arrived in time for Christmas

Fantastic news for chocolate lovers

It’s almost the best time of the year – and no I’m not talking about Christmas, but Mini Egg season of course!

Each year, lovers of the Easter treat have to suffer months of drought without the pastel-coloured mini chocolate eggs

However, this year, it seems they have made an early return to the shelves, with a special twist.

Cadbury’s have released orange flavour Mini Eggs just in time for the festive season.

Don’t worry, though, as they are going to stick around ’til the Easter season.

A spokesperson for Cadbury’s said, via The Sun: “The secret is out! Cadbury Mini Eggs are evolving with the first-ever UK flavour development.
“Cadbury Mini Eggs Orange will launch for Easter 2024, with the same crunchy outer shell we know and love, but with an orange-flavoured chocolate centre, bound to get your taste buds tingling.

“Although Cadbury has been keeping this top secret, Cadbury Mini Eggs Orange will be appearing exclusively on shelves at Tesco Group, soon.”

The RRP for the sweet treats is £1.80 for an 80g bag, and they are already available in Tesco’s One Stop stores.

Fans have shared their excitement for the new orange-flavoured eggs online.

“I need at least 100 bags of these,” one person wrote.

A second put: “As if mini eggs weren’t addictive enough.”

While a third said: I need to find these, two of my favourites rolled into one”.

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