Krispy Kreme van containing 10,000 donuts has been stolen

We're all guilty of indulging in a sweet treat from time to time.
Sugary snacks can be addictive - and that means it's sometimes hard to resist a candy bar or a cake.

But one sugar lover seems to have taken things a little too far.

Their passion for the sweet stuff spurred them on to commit a real-life crime - even if it sounds like something out of a cartoon.

A van containing an incredible 10,000 Krispy Kreme donuts has been stolen.

The strange-sounding incident was reported by the company after the van was taken while making its delivery route in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

And when the driver stopped at a gas station, the donut bandit struck.
The delivery van was stolen from a Carlingford service station about 3.30 am on Wednesday morning (29 November).

The van's driver was reportedly inside the gas station when the opportunistic sugar-fiend thief decided to take the vehicle.

They believe it was a woman who drove off in the donut-filled vehicle in footage captured on CCTV.

And if the thief is a Krispy Kreme fan, then she'll be pleased.

It's believed the delivery van was filled with a mixture of classic Krispy Kreme flavors, alongside a whole host of their special Christmas options.

Krispy Kreme has since released a statement on the story, with a spokesperson saying: "Police are currently searching for the van and the sweet-toothed thief. "It’s believed she jumped into the van as the driver was inside the service station."

Supply chain head Lenny Reddy also said: “Our Krispy Kreme team is working to replace the 10,000 stolen doughnuts, which are handmade fresh each day, at their intended destinations.”

And it's clear Reddy and the Krispy Kreme team are thankful for the police intervention, too.
“We apologise for any inconvenience, and we are thankful for NSW Police’s swift response," he continued.

"We currently offer a 50 per cent discount on all Krispy Kreme purchases in-store to all emergency personnel, including police, who are in uniform.”

How sweet of them.

He also notified customers that, despite the theft, there will be no shortage of donuts in their Charlestown store.

"We are happy to advise that customers who were intending to purchase or who had orders placed at Krispy Kreme Charlestown will be able to get their doughnuts, as stock has already been replaced." he said.

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