‘I’m charging my family members £150 per head for Christmas dinner – I deserve to make a profit’

‘Get stuffed, with all the trimmings’

A woman who has in the past been labelled ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ has revealed that she is planning to charge relatives £150 a pop to enjoy her Christmas dinner.

Carla Bellucci says that she absolutely loves the festive period but the cost of living crisis is wreaking havoc on her meaning she should be compensated for the burden in time and expense when preparing a meal for family and friends.

To those who criticised her approach and called her a Scrooge, she replied: “Get stuffed, with all the trimmings.”
Carla, who’s 42, says she expects to have up to nine relatives dining with her on Christmas Day with an additional six members of her immediate family, sitting around the dinner table.

But at what cost?! Well, £150. That is, if you want a full turkey dinner and a glass of Champagne.

Carla said: “It’s not cheap feeding people and it also takes a lot of time to put together a nice meal.

“I’ll give them a glass of Champagne, but if they want any more booze, they can bring their own.

“Everything I do is for profit and my family understand that.

“If you want quality, you have to pay for it.”

Carla added: “You might find a carvery that’s cheaper than my place, but my dinner is going to be a lot more classy than that.

“It wouldn’t be any cheaper if you went to a restaurant or hotel for a Christmas Day meal, so why should I be out of pocket?

“I’ll have the telly on in the background so they can listen to the King at 3pm and watch whatever they like.”

Carla, who certainly isn’t making the above comments for clout and to make headlines, concluded that after a game of charades she would kick her guests out of her house at 10pm.

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