Matt Rife's claim that people don’t like him because they’re jealous shut down with one sentence

Comedian Matt Rife seemed to encounter a challenge when he tried to assert to podcast host Tana Mongeau that people dislike him because of jealousy.
The American comedian and actor, known for his roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fresh Off the Boat, engaged in a conversation about his life and career on the CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau podcast earlier this year.

Rife has stirred controversy due to his comedy, and his jokes, which some find inappropriate, have sparked criticism from viewers.

The issue of public disapproval became a topic on the podcast when Rife was asked whom he would challenge to a fight if given the chance.

After pondering the question, Rife replied, "I don't really hate anyone." He then went on to elaborate on why he thinks he has garnered so much criticism, stating, "Here's a very humbling realization that I've had recently, because so many people hate me for really no reason, and it really made me realize that people only hate people they're jealous of. I've been guilty of hating people, and when I've really sat back and thought about it, it was because I've been jealous of where that person was in their life. I feel like maybe they got an opportunity that I should have gotten."
Rife continued to elaborate that now that he's achieving greater success for himself, he no longer harbors hatred towards anyone.

While it's undeniable that some individuals may conceal feelings of jealousy by expressing hatred, Mongeau swiftly pointed out that this isn't necessarily the case in every situation.

"That was a very insightful and well-rounded answer," she remarked, before succinctly dispelling Rife's 'epiphany' with a single sentence.

Warning: Explicit Language:

"Do you think people who hate Osama Bin Laden are jealous of him?" she asked.

Responding to Mongeau's pointed comment, Rife quickly attempted to salvage the situation with a joke, stating, "Yeah, of course."

A recent resurgence of a clip featuring Mongeau's swift retort has prompted viewers to comment on her handling of the comedian.

"She Destroyed Him," one viewer remarked after viewing the clip.

Initially joking about people being 'jealous' of Bin Laden, Rife then delved into his perspective on the distinction between hating and hating on someone.

He continued, "Hating someone, I think that person has to have done something to you, but hating on is a lot of just jealousy, it sucks. Everybody's been jealous of someone."

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