Man suffering from headaches for nearly half a year discovers he has chopsticks lodged in his brain

A Vietnamese man, grappling with headaches and vision loss, was nearly as surprised as the doctors when it was discovered that he had chopsticks lodged in his brain.

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Last week marked the beginning of the incident when a 35-year-old man, whose identity has not been disclosed, was urgently taken to the emergency room after several months of grappling with headaches, poor vision, and fluid discharge.

When questioned by doctors about the potential cause of his health issues, the man couldn't provide any explanation.

In an effort to unravel the mystery, the medical staff at the Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province, conducted a CT scan. As reported by, the scan revealed that the man was suffering from tension pneumocephalus, a neurosurgical emergency typically resulting from head trauma.
Upon closer examination, the doctors made an unusual discovery in the man's brain – a pair of broken chopsticks that had penetrated his skull through his nose.

It's astonishing to think that someone could walk around with two wooden sticks lodged in their nose, let alone remain oblivious to them, but evidently, it can happen.

Not that you should suddenly become concerned about having a chopstick stuck up there the next time you have a blocked nose – it's definitely not a common occurrence.

Upon being informed about the chopsticks, the man's family speculated that they must have become lodged there during a fight the man was involved in approximately five months ago.

Although the injured man had been taken to the hospital at that time, no abnormalities were reported in his nose, as doctors failed to detect the broken chopsticks.
Upon realizing the cause of his headaches, the patient confessed that he couldn't recall the exact details of the fight, but he did have a vague memory of something being stabbed into his face.

Reflecting on the situation with the newfound information, he now believes that the person he was fighting with must have inserted the chopsticks into his nose during the altercation.

Following the peculiar discovery, the man underwent a consultation before undergoing endoscopic surgery through the nose to remove the lodged chopsticks.

He is currently receiving recovery treatment in the hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.

Dr. Nguyen Van Man, the head of the neurosurgery department at the Vietnamese hospital, described it as a 'very rare' case.

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