Man roasted for 'dumbest tattoo ever' after showing off ink he got for his girlfriend

This girlfriend left her permanent mark.

A man is being ridiculed after showing off the unique ink he got in honor of his girlfriend in a viral TikTok video.

“POV: getting a tattoo of your girlfriend’s bite mark,” the caption read.

In the video, a woman is seen biting a tattooed man’s bicep hard enough to leave a mark.

A tattoo artist drew over the indentions with a red pen before reaching for the tattoo gun to permanently etch the teeth mark into the man’s skin.
The video was posted by the tattoo parlor, Betty Zoo Tattoo, an all-female studio in Copenhagen, Denmark and quickly went viral with 12.8 million views and thousands of comments.

Most people were not fans of the tattoo and had no hesitation in letting the unnamed couple know of their disapproval.
“What’s the stupidest tattoo you can think of getting?” @jclarkso joked.

“That’s the weirdest sh!t I’ve ever seen,” @not_ethan1556400 commented.

And simply asked: “But why”

Of course, someone had to make a Twilight joke– just in time for the 15th anniversary.
“Edward Cullen watching this like,” @iewobs joked with the eye emojis.

But not everyone hated the idea of the couple’s tattoo.

“Oh- I guess I’m the only one who liked this” @alliecatt6 said sheepishly.

“Wait I feel like this is lowkey cute,” @squidgamesislit5 admitted.

And obviously, someone (in this case @sofacaebien) had to ask: “What if u guys break up?”
While a bite is directly connected to whoever left the mark, at least it’s not as obvious as a name.

A woman recently went viral after “inking” her boyfriend’s name across her face.

The footage, which has nearly 19 million views, appears to show the woman getting beau Kevin Freshwater’s moniker needled just below her hairline in bold, giant, black lettering.

But much to everyone’s relief, the tattoo was part of a prank to discourage youngsters from getting inked.

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