Jennifer Lawrence hits back at plastic surgery rumors: 'I grew up'

Jennifer Lawrence has addressed rumors surrounding plastic surgery, refuting speculation during a conversation with Kylie Jenner for Interview magazine. The 33-year-old Hunger Games star discussed recent cosmetic surgery speculation she has faced.
In response to Kylie Jenner's discussion about her makeup empire and the creation of her lip kits to achieve fuller lips, Lawrence attributed her own appearance, which led to assumptions of facial work, to makeup techniques and the passage of time.
"That's truly fascinating," remarked the lead of Silver Linings Playbook to the 26-year-old beauty mogul.

"I also find it amazing what makeup can achieve because I work with Hung [Vanngo], who outlines the lips, and I jokingly call him a plastic surgeon because everyone in the last few months, since I've been working with him, is convinced that I had eye surgery," she added.

Taken aback by the revelation, Jenner responded with a "Stop," but Lawrence insisted, saying, "I'm serious: I didn't have eye surgery. It's all about makeup."

"Well, apparently, I’ve had full plastic surgery," Lawrence quipped, referring to the accusations that began after she stepped out for the Dior Fashion Show in September.
Despite suggestions from many social media users that she had undergone lip filler and a nose job, the No Hard Feelings actress highlighted the normalcy of facial changes with age.

"I started at 19, so I get the before and after pictures from when I’m 19 to 30, and I’m like, 'I grew up. I lost baby weight in my face, and my face changed because I’m aging,'" she explained.

Jenner, known for her teenage use of over-lining to create fuller lips, shared how her relationship with makeup has evolved as she's matured, expressing frustration at people making assumptions about her appearance.

"I'll see before-and-after photos when I'm 12 years old versus 26, and my eyebrows are filled differently. I have contour on. I'm like, 'How can you compare my 12-year-old face and say I've gotten my jaw shaved and eyelids removed?' I'm like, 'What are we talking about?'" she said.
While this marks the first occasion Lawrence has publicly addressed the plastic surgery allegations, Jenner has been combating such rumors for several years.

In an episode of the renowned reality TV show featuring her family, The Kardashians, the mother of two pushed back against claims that she has altered her 'whole face' through surgery.

"One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was this insecure child and I got so much surgery to change my whole face, which is false," she stated on an episode of their Hulu show. "I've only gotten fillers. I don't want that to be part of my story."

The social media personality, with over 399 million followers on Instagram, asserted that she has always been highly confident and would never take drastic measures to significantly change her appearance, particularly now that she is a mother.

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