Subway offering lifetime of free subs to anyone who changes their name

Giving up your name forever might be a small price to pay for the enticing offer of a lifetime supply of sandwiches.
Subway is about to create history with an audacious proposition: they will grant a courageous customer the opportunity to enjoy an infinite supply of Subway Deli Heroes for the duration of their life, but there's a catch—they must be willing to undergo a significant life change.

Instead of being stuck with a not-so-flattering nickname like "idiot sandwich" a la Julie Chen, courtesy of Gordon Ramsey, you could embrace the name "Subway," a far more appetizing option for anyone's ears.

If you desire endless subs for the rest of your life, all you need to do is legally change your first name to "Subway," and the incredible offer will be yours.

In a quest to find their most devoted and passionate fan, the renowned sandwich chain is offering a remarkable reward that might be especially appealing if you're tired of your current name, and of course, free food is always a compelling incentive to take the plunge.
Shortly after introducing automatic slicers and fresh-sliced deli meat to 20,000 of its restaurants, the food chain surprised everyone with an unusual competition.

On 5 July, the sandwich chain made an exciting announcement, stating that as part of a massive promotional campaign, they would be giving away one million free subs on 11 July. The purpose of this generous giveaway was to test the effectiveness of their new slices.

Simultaneously, they also revealed the introduction of freshly sliced meats, another significant improvement to their menu, on the same date, 5 July.

Trevor Haynes, Subway's North American president, shared in a press release that over the past two years, they had undertaken a complete overhaul of their vast array of ingredients and introduced chef-crafted signature sandwiches. These changes had garnered rave reviews from their customers and resulted in record-breaking sales.

According to Haynes, the addition of freshly sliced meats is the most impactful upgrade yet, as it enhances the quality of their sandwiches and sets a higher standard for the brand that has long been associated with freshness. He expressed great anticipation for America to experience the difference and witness the remarkable progress Subway has made on its journey of innovation.
Introducing the Deli Heroes lineup, featuring mouthwatering choices such as Titan Turkey, Grand Slam Ham, Garlic Roast Beef, and The Beast.

Subway is once again embarking on a promotional campaign to generate buzz for their brand, and this time, they've launched an intriguing name-changing contest.

If you're up for the challenge, you need to act quickly, as the contest will only run for three days. So, if you plan on participating, be prepared to welcome a new name alongside lots of delicious sandwiches.

This nationwide contest is scheduled to take place from 1st August to 4th August 2023 and will be hosted on

During this short window, devoted Subway fans will be asked to commit to legally changing their name for a chance to win an abundance of the subs they've always dreamt of.

"Subway will select one fortunate winner to enjoy a lifetime of free sandwiches and embrace an iconic new identity," the press release states.

To be eligible, participants must be legal residents of the United States and at least 18 years old (19+ in Alabama and Nebraska, and 21+ in Mississippi).

Not to worry about the name-changing expenses, as Subway will reimburse the winner for the legal and processing fees associated with the name change.

With great anticipation, Subway eagerly awaits the arrival of their new 'Subway,' who will undoubtedly become an emblematic figure in the brand's history.

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