Women who visited every country in the world say two countries have the 'friendliest' people

Ever wondered about the countries that are most welcoming to travelers? Look no further than these two avid explorers!

Meet a couple from Australia who have generously shared their extensive travel experiences, guiding you to the perfect holiday destinations worldwide.
Rachel Davey and Slovakian Martina Sebova, two adventurous women, had already individually visited more than 100 countries before serendipitously meeting in Europe in 2008. Their vast knowledge makes them true experts in the realm of global travel. Their relationship began as close friends, and during their journeys, they decided to chronicle their experiences on a blog called 'Very Hungry Nomads.'

Determined to visit all the remaining 88 countries officially recognized by the UN, they embarked on an extraordinary journey together.
In 2018, departing from sunny Melbourne, Rachel and Martina embarked on an extensive tour through much of the Middle East, Western Europe, and central Africa, satisfying their travel cravings.

Throughout their journeys, they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures. Martina highlights that among the various nations they visited, some truly stood out for the warmth of their locals. Sudan and Iran, in particular, left a lasting impression on them due to the genuine friendliness of the people they encountered. Interestingly, Martina acknowledges that these countries often suffer from negative perceptions, but their personal experiences contradicted those stereotypes.

Another country that held a special place in their hearts was Eritrea, a small nation on the east coast of Africa. Despite their many joyful moments documented in pictures, Rachel and Martina faced challenges due to the social stigmas surrounding their relationship. The unfortunate reality is that more than 70 countries worldwide still criminalize LGBTQIA+ individuals, leading the couple to conceal their relationship during certain parts of their journey.
Reflecting on her experiences, Martina shared that they visited numerous countries where the concept of a same-sex couple was virtually non-existent. As a result, they prioritized their personal safety and chose not to openly disclose their relationship status during their travels. Martina emphasized that they never attempted to hide their relationship, but they felt it was necessary to avoid potential risks.

Beyond concerns related to their LGBTQIA+ identity, the couple faced additional challenges due to their gender. In certain conservative nations, they encountered instances where their visa applications were declined simply because they were women.

Despite these obstacles, Rachel and Martina remain passionate about travel and refuse to let discouraging experiences deter them from exploring the world.
She advises others that they should have a considerable amount of travel experience before embarking on a similar trip, stating, "I think it would terrify me if I had to start visiting every country and I'd only been to, let's say, 10... I don't think that would be practical."

Since then, the couple has journeyed to North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, and Pakistan, utilizing various modes of transportation to explore their destinations. This included enduring a challenging 38-hour bus ride during their tour of Africa.

Despite being seasoned travelers, they still encounter some challenges while exploring the world. Martina, who also works as a tour guide, humorously admits that Rachel sometimes gets lost in hotels. Nevertheless, they make an excellent team, and Martina marvels at Rachel's ability to navigate through every country they visit.

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