A woman was taken aback when she discovered that people in various countries do not offer to buy her drinks as they do in the US.

Adding to the ongoing intriguing tales of Americans abroad, a woman has expressed her exasperation and bewilderment regarding the Australian dating scene.
Tate, an American expat who recently relocated to Melbourne in the Land Down Under, shared her experience of being accustomed to strangers offering to buy her drinks at bars in the US. However, she has encountered no such occurrences in Australia, leaving her feeling puzzled.

In a now-viral TikTok video, she remarked, "Australian men just sit back, and I think it's so weird. At first, I felt like I was so unattractive, and I couldn't fathom why many men weren't approaching me." Take a listen:

She proceeded to share that the contrasting cultural norms made her feel rejected.

"On one of the initial nights I went out in Australia, I left the bar with a sense of defeat," she narrated. "In America, it's quite common for men to approach you and offer to buy you a drink. Sometimes, it can be overly assertive."

"I've experienced nights in Arizona and Los Angeles where men would come up to you, grab your arm, and insist on buying you a drink."

She went on, "It's so different here. Men tend to take a more passive approach, allowing you to initiate contact, and they're not as forceful about it," she explained.

"After a few outings, I started feeling unattractive and began wondering, 'Why aren't these guys approaching me?'"
"That sounds very conceited, but going from what I know, I just thought it was so weird that guys weren't approaching any girls."

Tate said an Australian friend explained that Aussie men rarely offer to buy drinks for women they don't know, which left her 'shocked' by the behaviour, having not been accustomed to paying for her own drinks back in the States.

"There were times I'd go out in America and wouldn't even bring my wallet or card or anything because we would scheme, scam, and look for men," she joked.

"Everyone would do this, it was such a cultural norm. The guys wouldn't expect anything for it - most of the time you wouldn't get guys who were berating you for not giving them something afterwards."

But some Australian commentators were bewildered by the American's dating standards, with one asking: "Why would anyone buy a stranger a drink without at least expecting a conversation?"
"Living costs are skyrocketing," remarked another individual. "The prices of drinks are excessively high."

Tate's video is the most recent addition to a series of perplexing encounters recorded by American travelers.

Earlier this month, American visitors to Europe stirred up controversy with claims that Europeans hardly ever drink water.

One user wrote, "I feel like my organs are turning into beef jerky because they're so dry. I can finish a whole bottle of water even before my first course arrives at a restaurant."

It is evident that many Europeans were unimpressed and responded by pointing out the various ways one can obtain water while being out and about.

One person replied, "Tap water works perfectly fine; fill your own water bottle for free. Sincerely, Sweden."

Another simply stated, "Why are these people so excessively dramatic for no apparent reason?"

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