LeBron James' 18-year-old son Bronny rushed to hospital after cardiac arrest during training

Bronny, the son of LeBron James, was urgently taken to the hospital after experiencing a cardiac arrest during his basketball training session. According to TMZ's report, the 18-year-old was in the midst of his workout when the unexpected cardiac incident occurred, prompting those present to quickly rush him to the hospital. Bronny, whose full name is LeBron Raymone "Bronny" James Jr., is currently a college basketball player for the USC Trojans, aspiring to carry on the legacy of his renowned father.
According to a family spokesperson who spoke with TMZ, Bronny James experienced a cardiac arrest while practicing yesterday. Thankfully, medical professionals promptly attended to him and transported him to the hospital. Currently, he is in stable condition and has been moved out of the intensive care unit (ICU). The James family kindly requests respect and privacy during this time, and further updates will be provided to the media as additional information becomes available.
The statement further expressed LeBron and Savannah's heartfelt gratitude to the USC medical and athletic staff for their exceptional dedication to the safety of their athletes.

The incident occurred around 9:26 AM on Monday at USC's Galen Center, where Bronny's team practices. A 911 call was made from the location, and the medical team promptly responded to find the 18-year-old unconscious. He was quickly transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

Bronny proudly wears the iconic No. 6 jersey for the Trojans, a number synonymous with his father's legacy, who has left a significant mark in basketball history during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.

In a remarkable achievement this year, LeBron surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's impressive career points tally of 38,387, making him the NBA's all-time leading points scorer. The New York Post reported that after this historic victory, he addressed the crowd, expressing gratitude to the devoted Laker fans and acknowledging Kareem as a legendary figure. He concluded by thanking everyone who has been part of his incredible journey over the past two decades.
At the beginning of this year, LeBron and his wife, Savannah James, attended the Super Bowl. However, when his image appeared on the screen, the crowd surprised him by showering him with boos.

Nevertheless, being the resilient athlete he is, LeBron didn't let the insults deter him. In response, he confidently made a symbolic gesture by pretending to place an imaginary crown on his head, which represents his well-known nickname, "King James."

As Bronny continues on his path to recovery, our thoughts remain with him and his family.

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