Barbie movie broke fourth wall to admit to audience that Margot Robbie was 'the wrong person to cast'

In a humorous manner, Barbie acknowledged that Margot Robbie was an unconventional choice for the role, playfully breaking the fourth wall.
Given the film's prolonged development since 2009, it's not unexpected that several contenders were considered for the part. Initially, Amy Schumer was slated to portray the iconic Mattel toy but had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts, paving the way for Margot's entrance.

During its opening weekend, the pastel pink movie generated an impressive $155 million (£120m) at the box office, engaging in a cinematic battle with Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer.

While one might assume the Australian actor was an ideal choice to portray the living doll, the film's narrator, Helen Mirren, surprisingly highlights Barbie's crisis of confidence.

After breaking free from the confines of Barbieland and experiencing life in the real world, the doll is confronted with how society perceives her.

In a heart-wrenching speech, Barbie candidly confesses that she constantly struggles with feelings of inadequacy and not measuring up to societal beauty standards, despite embodying the image of a perfect woman.

It is at this moment that the usually silent narrator interjects, stating, "Note to filmmakers: Margot Robbie is not the right person to cast to make this point."

While this remark may initially seem like a subtle dig at the lead actor, Barbie manages to make its impossibly flawless character relatable by voicing fears that every woman has experienced.

As a result, many fans have been deeply impressed by the film's level of self-awareness and its ability to evoke powerful emotions.
Indeed, numerous individuals have been expressing their opinions on the movie and its ingenious fourth wall break, utilizing Twitter as the platform for their reactions.

Among these responses, one user humorously stated that the clever gag had them believing they were about to "die" from laughter.
However, this moment has now gained significant significance after a man criticized Robbie's appearance and referred to the Wolf of Wall Street star as 'mid.'

Naturally, this blatantly incorrect insult has gone viral, leaving many people utterly perplexed by how anyone could arrive at such a conclusion.

Regrettably, such comments are all too familiar, reflecting a tactic employed by misogynistic individuals to make women doubt their looks and worth.

Numerous fans have taken notice of this sexist incident, discussing the fourth wall break online.

One Twitter user remarked, "When Barbie said she's not pretty anymore, I was like... you have Margot's face???? And then the movie broke the fourth wall and stated, 'Note to filmmakers: Margot Robbie is the wrong person to cast if you want to make this point.'"

While art often imitates life, it's doubtful that Greta Gerwig had envisioned this particular response when directing the film.

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