Fan shares vape with Lana Del Rey after spotting her in Waffle House car park

The reason behind Lana Del Rey working at a Waffle House in Alabama remains a mystery, but her fans are fully supportive of it. As a consequence, fans have been able to easily meet the 'Summertime Sadness' singer, with one woman expressing her astonishment after getting the opportunity to share a vape with her idol. Check out the video below:
Just last week, a video emerged showing the 38-year-old Lana Del Rey working behind the counter at a Waffle House in Florence. She was dressed in the official Waffle House uniform, complete with a name badge - the whole package.

Naturally, customers were taken aback to see the renowned singer/songwriter pouring coffee and taking orders. However, Del Rey seemed to relish every moment of it, happily posing for photos with her fans.

One lucky fan, who is known on TikTok as @jennagraces, had the extraordinary experience of meeting Lana Del Rey in the restaurant's car park. She has since shared this surreal encounter with the world.

In her caption, she expressed, "I patiently waited a few days to respect mommy Lana's privacy :) I'm at a loss for words to describe this incredible experience. I've been a fan since I was 10, and I still can't believe it. Lana Del Rey, I love you and thank you for everything."

As seen in the video provided above, the TikToker shares several heartwarming moments, capturing herself tightly embracing the singer, tears of joy streaming down her face. They also share a vape together, and @jennagraces is clearly overwhelmed by the whole surreal encounter.
After taking a few puffs, Del Rey hands the vape back to the TikToker.

"One fan commented, saying, "She's such a fabulous person; love her," while another added, "SHE TOOK A HIT OF YOUR VAPE???? GIRL, FRAME THAT S**T."

Expectedly, the TikToker responded with enthusiasm, saying, "GIRL, YOU KNOW I WILL HAHA."

A third person expressed their envy, writing, "NO WAYYYY, I'M JEALOUS," to which @jennagraces revealed, "I cried so much HAHA."
Several other fans also had the opportunity to get close to the singer, and Karina Cisneros Juarez was among them. She was able to snap a photo with the star and excitedly shared it on Facebook with the caption: "To say I am ecstatic is an understatement!!! I have been a huge fan of Lana Del Rey for over a decade, so meeting her today was truly insane."

Speaking to, Juarez shared her experience, saying, "She was there, wearing a uniform and everything. It was a bit surreal. I just told her how much I loved her music and her work in general. She was super lovely and incredibly nice."
Social media was abuzz with reactions from fans who were taken aback by the photos of Del Rey with her admirers. One person praised her humility, stating, "She's humble. I respect it."

Another person empathized, saying, "She just wants to be normal. I feel her."

A third commenter couldn't believe the extraordinary encounter, exclaiming, "Imagine just going to eat, and Lana Del Rey is your waitress!"

In a lighter tone, someone playfully remarked, "Singer, actress, waitress, 10-minute songs, Waffle House employee. What is it that Miss Lana Del Rey can't do?"

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