Retired couple booked 51 back-to-back cruises because it was cheaper than a retirement home

A retired couple has decided to spend their golden years enjoying 51 back-to-back cruises as it costs less than a retirement home.

Marty and Jess Ansen embarked on their relaxing journey in June 2022 when they boarded the Coral Princess, two years after the strict pandemic lockdowns in Australia.

In the subsequent year and a half, the great-grandparents have spent their days seeing the magical world, dancing, enjoying indulgent buffets, and making new friends along the way.
The Ansens have stayed on board the 2,000-passenger cruise for more than 450 days, and are expected to stay onboard the ship for two years.
In an interview with A Current Affair, Marty explained that he tells his agent to book "whatever comes" and that's how they ended up on 51 back-to-back cruises.

The pair have outlasted many people on the ship, including the captain.

"The wheels change over but we stay on board," Marty remarked, while Jess added: "We welcome the different captains on board."

Ren van Rooyen, the hotel manager on board the Coral Princess ship, confirmed that the loving couple is the most dedicated passengers they have.

"We always make a joke that I go away and I come back and it's like coming to see my family - my mum and dad again - they're like my second mum and dad on board," Van Rooyen said.

The hotel manager shared that the duo has become like "celebrities onboard" as others joining the ship for shorter cruises request to meet them as their story has been inspiring many people in their home country.

The couple enjoyed cruises for decades before starting their 450-day journey. It wasn't until they realized it was cheaper than paying for a retirement home that they decided to make it their full-time living situation. In addition to this, they also felt like they missed out on several years of fun amid the tough Australian lockdown.

Now, they enjoy the perks that come with their current lifestyle such as quality entertainment like dancing, and mouthwatering meals included in the ticket price.

Speaking about the fun activities available, Jess told the outlet: "Where else can you go? You go for dinner, you go to a show, you go dancing. Through the day, you have all these activities."

Furthermore, the retirees begin each day with an hour of invigorating ping pong and cracking a couple of beers open to sit on their balcony and take in the views.

They also managed to skip chores thanks to a team of housekeepers who clean their room daily. Marty joked that they have become so accustomed to life at sea that they "don’t know how to make a bed because we haven’t done it for so long".

"So now we have to stay on board just to stay alive," he joked.
The Ansen will be aboard the Coral Princess until June before they disembark for a few months on dry land.

The break is a short one, however, as Jess and Marty intend to venture on another year-long cruise aboard the Crown Princess.

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