Woman who attempted to climb through window but ended up trapped upside down and flashing neighbors reveals grim aftermath

A woman who has gone viral on social media for flashing the world while attempting to climb through her window has spoken out about the hilarious footage.

The majority of us will have forgotten our house keys at one point in our life, and suddenly we have to think like a burglar about how to break into our own home.

The obvious answer is to go through an open window, but as one woman found out the hard way, it can go disastrously wrong - and the world might get to see more of you than you'd have liked.
Lisa Rowland found herself in this situation back in June, and if you've been on social media lately, you're probably familiar with how it panned out for her.

The video of Lisa's escapade, originally recorded by her sister Nicole, has gained over 20 million views in recent days, spreading across various online platforms.

Check out the hilarious footage below:

Millions of viewers have now witnessed her comedic misadventure, as she found herself hanging upside down with an unexpected wardrobe malfunction.

In short, over 20 million people have been flashed by Lisa through their phones.

Lisa has now made an appearance on the UK show This Morning to discuss her unfortunate viral mishap with the hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary.

Lisa explained that the day started innocently enough with a routine school run, a visit to the vet with her dog, and a quick shopping trip. However, an unplanned detour home revealed she had left her keys inside, leading to a creative attempt to enter through a window.

Describing the hilarious turn of events, Lisa shared: "I tried to put it [her boob] back in! If you look, I tried while I was hanging, and then they both... I let go of everything."

The situation escalated when the fabric of her dress got caught, leaving her suspended upside down, exposing her chest to the world. Lisa's sister, Nicole, had to abandon her attempts to assist when "the left one" also made an appearance.

As if the mishap wasn't chaotic enough, Lisa admitted: "I weed. Yeah. I did. I couldn't move, I was hanging like a bat. When I fell to the ground covered in urine, I think I was past the point of panic! I think I'd passed every point."

Lisa's sister chimed in: "She came out the house, and she was like literally, it's gone down my neck. I couldn't breathe, there was nothing I could do."
Despite the embarrassing ordeal, Lisa found solace in the positive comments and laughter generated by the viral video. She discovered its online presence when a call informed her: "You're all over Facebook!"

"We didn't put it on any social media; we sent it between my mum's friends. Some woman - cheers Ruth in Northern Ireland! No one knows her, we don't know her, we don't know how she got it. But thank you, Ruth, we've had a nice day out of it," Lisa shared.

Lisa now ensures a similar situation won't happen again by wearing her house keys on an elastic around her neck.

Thanks for giving us a good laugh, Lisa!

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