Jason Kelce says the NFL shows Taylor Swift at games because 'the audience wants to see it'

Jason Kelce is singing the praises of global superstar Taylor Swift in a recent interview.

The attention surrounding Swift's relationship with his younger brother, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, has been a topic of interest in the NFL and beyond.

During a recent interview with WCPO 9, 36-year-old Jason acknowledged the significant attention on Swift and the couple's public appearances - particularly during Chiefs games, where Swift is often spotted watching Travis play.

The Philadelphia Eagles center remarked: "The attention's there because the audience wants to see it, I mean, if people didn't want to see it, they wouldn't be showing it, I know that."

He went on to describe Taylor Swift as a "world star" and the "quintessential artist right now in the world".

He praised her as immensely talented and an "unbelievable role model for young women across the globe." Kelce believes that the NFL would be wise to embrace Swift's influence and recognize her as a role model for young girls.

"The NFL would be probably foolish not to show [Taylor Swift]," he said.
This isn't the first time Jason Kelce has expressed his admiration for Swift this week.

In a recent episode of the New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast, he humorously welcomed Swift as the "newest member" of the Kansas City Chiefs fan club.

He playfully acknowledged her journey to the Super Bowl, joking: "Taylor Swift, who has officially reached the Super Bowl in her rookie year." Travis, 34, laughed along with his brother, saying: "Thanks for joining the team!"

However, although Jason and many fans may love seeing Taylor appearing on the big screen, it appears that she may not be a fan.

During the AFC championship game (January 28), which saw the Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens go head-to-head at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Swift didn't look too pleased when the cameras were pointed at her. Check out the moment below:

In fact, in a clip from the game, the 'Bad Blood' singer can be seen saying something as she looks up at the screen - with social media users believing that she said the words: "Go away, please".

Following the Chiefs securing their spot at the Super Bowl, Travis was seen kissing Swift on the field during the celebration - with fans swooning over their romantic words to one another.

In a clip posted to social media by both the NFL and CW Sports, the 34-year-old athlete could be seen with the singer as the pair cuddled up to celebrate his victory.
The pair were surrounded by cameras as they pulled each other into a warm embrace with Kelce telling Swift: "Tay, I'm gonna enjoy with the guys."

He then went in for a kiss and told the Grammy-award-winning singer: "I love you."

Swift smirked as she turned to whisper something in her boyfriend's ear, making sure she covered up her mouth so none of the cameras picked up what she was saying.

But after many Swifties turned up the audio, fans think Taylor can be heard telling Travis: "I’ve never been so proud of anyone in my life. Ever."

Of course, thousands of Swifties gathered in the comments to praise the couple.

"Stawp it right now!!! He just called her tay and 'i love you' i can’t rn," wrote one user while another added: "The fact that he said 'I love you', with zero hesitation."

A third also stated that it "makes my heart smile to see athletes celebrating wins with their loved ones."

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