School expels children of woman who promoted her OnlyFans on her car

A school in Florida has confirmed it has expelled two children this week, after their mother promoted her OnlyFans account on her car window.
Michelle Cline, 35, was previously banned from dropping her kids off at the gates, but now the school has gone one step further and expelled the family.

The decision comes after parents at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares complained about the bumper stickers.

Michelle, who goes by Piper Fawn on the content sharing platform, told the New York Post: “I felt like when they asked me to park off campus, I immediately obliged. I never had my car on campus again and then it’s like that wasn’t enough and they had to take it a step further.

“I just feel like taking it out on the kids wasn’t really fair.”

In previous comments, she added: “People are going to be offended by all sorts of things, different bumper stickers, whatever. But at the end of the day, this is something that supports my family.”
Michelle first launched her venture around three years ago, and makes up to up to $20,000 a month.

Following ongoing discussions between the school and other parents, the board has now made the decision to terminate the childrens' places at the school.

Head of School Jeremy Thomas said: “Pornography is a vice and a sexual sin that destroys lives and breaks up marriages.

"The negative impact of pornography on youth can result in future long-term relationship issues. Consuming, producing, distributing, or advertising pornography is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible, the Church, and LCP.

“Scripture is clear that anyone who causes children to sin will be subject to the judgment of Christ, absent sincere repentance and turning from sin to Him.

"Christ came to save sinners, and died so that all can enter into eternal life and experience His joy.

"LCP desires to help families nurture and educate their children in the love of God and what is good.”

One person who demanded the family's expulsion from the school is TikToker and fellow school parent Lexy Thomas.

Thomas says that the stickers promote pornography and violate the Christian school's code of conduct.

“She can do what she wants on her own time," she said. “I have no problem with that. But we’re talking about a school and kids seeing this. That’s a different issue.”
Thomas also listed a number of policies and principles in regards to conduct that parents are required to sign before their kids attend the school.

It's also reported that after Cline was first warned about the stickers, she replaced them with larger ones, something which she denies.

“We’ve been involved with this church and school for over five years. And then so it’s funny, we’ve done OnlyFans for a good three and a half and then now, at least two of those years, the decals are on the car,” she said.

“I’m the same person that was, three years ago, sitting in church service. I haven’t changed. It’s just something that I’ve chosen to be more open with."

LCP has said it would consider re-enrolling the kids if Cline removes the stickers and her OnlyFans account.

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