Woman Fed Up With Dating Apps Looks For A Husband By Walking On The Streets With A Cardboard Sign

These days, dating can be hard for some people. Many struggle with finding connections amidst modern, hectic life, especially in bigger cities. Working longer hours also doesn’t help with meeting new people, among which could be the potential love of your life. To some, it may seem finding love is almost a fairytale, which can lead to unusual and daring approaches to dating.

This is exactly what a determined single woman named Karolina Geits thought about, so on a random day, she decided to embark on an unconventional journey to find love. She boldly walked the streets of New York City with a sign stating, “Looking for a husband,” hoping to attract her perfect match.

Geits spoke in an interview with the New York Post published in September 2023, where she revealed that prior to making that bold move, she had been single for two years.

She also documented the moment and shared it on social media for millions of people to see.

In the short clip shared on her TikTok account, Geits walked around Manhattan with her cardboard sign, and she gained a lot of reactions from passersby.

Although the woman, who worked as a model, clarified that she tried out dating apps where she met noncommittal men, she said that making the sign would help her have an in-person connection.

In addition, holding up the cardboard sign was also her way of manifesting the things she wanted in life.

“I believe that if I make an actual sign for anything I want — a husband, a Birkin, Chanel… the universe will see it and send me exactly what I want,” she said.

Geits didn’t do it just one time, as there were several videos of her wearing different outfits and doing the exact same thing.

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The woman’s hard work all paid off as she told the publication that she already exchanged numbers with one of the men in her previous videos.

She explained that it took her 30 minutes of walking around before someone got her number, but she didn’t share his name to protect his identity.

“We’re just getting to know each other… It’s still new, but we’ll see where things go,” she added.

Geits further noted that she’s glad to have met someone from her experiment, but she’s more proud of trying out new things in life.

“I am glad that I met someone, but I’m more proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone. I want a family, I’m ready for love and I don’t have time to waste,” she said.

In the comment section of one of the videos, Geits received countless support and compliments from other people, and she might have even inspired several of them.

“Girl let me go get some markers and some poster board and start strutting through LA 😂,” one wrote.

“well that’s one way to do it go girl good luck 🤞,” another one wrote.

“Interesting experience😅, I wish I became brave enough to do that 😁😁😁,” one commented.

“I think I have to adopt this idea am starting my own tommorow since it is a monday. I will go from one office to another😂,” another one commented.

One shared their thoughts and noted that what Geits did was better than connecting with people online.

“Good way of doing it, better than dating apps !! X,” they wrote.

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