Man who lived for 82 years without ever knowing what a woman looked like

A man who lived to the grand age of 82 managed to go his entire life without ever laying his eyes on a woman.

There are a lot of things I could happily go 82 years without ever seeing. Spiders, for one, and I could probably live without those zit-popping videos, too.

But it's hard to imagine going your entire life without ever seeing anyone of another gender - people are literally everywhere.

However, it's something Mihailo Tolotos managed to avoid after he arrived into the world sometime in 1856.

Obviously Tolotos had a mother, but he didn't even have much of an encounter with her as she passed away shortly after giving birth to him, leaving Tolotos an orphan.

As he was only a baby at the time, Tolotos was adopted by Orthodox Monks at a monastery on Mount Athos in Greece, and he was raised there by monks living at the monastery.
As he grew up, Tolotos lived by the strict rules in place in the area, one of which was that there were no women allowed.

The rule had been in place for hundreds of years, meaning Tolotos had no chance of ever running into a woman as he carried out his days at the monastery.

Tolotos could have ventured out into the wider world, where he could have easily come across a member of the opposite sex, but despite living into his 80s the adopted man is said to have never left Mount Athos.

Everything Tolotos knew about women came from his peers, as well as descriptions through books.
However, since he never actually saw a woman in real life for himself, he'd have been left to imagine what approximately half of the world's population looked, sounded and acted like.

Seemingly never curious, Tolotos went on with his life until 1938, when he passed away at the age of 82.

Following his passing, Tolotos was given a special burial by all the monks living at Mount Athos who believed that he was the only man in the world to have died without knowing what a woman looked like.

Tolotos' death was recognized in a newspaper article which noted that women weren't the only sight Tolotos had been deprived of throughout his life, as he'd also gone without seeing an 'an automobile, a movie or an airplane'.

There'll likely never be a man like Mihailo Tolotos again!

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