Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Dunkin' commercial wins the Super Bowl

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have amused viewers with their hilarious Super Bowl LVIII commercial for Dunkin'.

Sunday night (February 11) was an eventful day for all NFL enthusiasts as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 to become the first repeat victors in the league for 19 years.

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising stage for several companies as they pay millions of dollars just for an opportunity to get their products in front of consumers.

For the second consecutive year, the average cost of a 30-second ad spot was $7 million, according to CBS News.
This year, there were plenty of celebrity endorsements such as Beyoncé's Verizon advert, Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo's Wicked trailer, and Ryan Reynolds for the Deadpool sequel.

The 51-year-old Gone Girl actor also appeared in a game day ad for Dunkin', but this time he wasn't alone as he was joined by his wife Jennifer Lopez, best friend Matt Damon, Jack Harlow, and Tom Brady.

Check out Affleck's Dunkin commercial below:

The commercial opens with Affleck being accompanied by Harlow, 25, in the car, with the 'Lovin On Me' rapper urging the actor not to do what he’s about to do.

But the Good Will Hunting star points out that, "last year, she came to my work," - referencing the 2023 Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial, which featured him working at the coffee spot, with Lopez pulling up and giving him a hard time - and explains that this time, he's "gotta show her what I can do".

The Batman star then bursts into his 54-year-old wife's recording session and yells: "What up! For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre. The DunKings!" before introducing his fellow bandmates.

"Touchdown Tommy on the keys!" Affleck shouts, giving Brady a fist bump, and then the camera pans to an embarrassed Damon who quips: "It’s really hard to be your friend, man."

The father-of-three then starts to sing 'Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart,' which features the lyrics: "Don’t dunk away with my heart / Why you Dunkin’ me, girl?" while he and his backup dancers show off the choreographed moves.

In the end, the 'Jenny From The Block' songstress looks mortified from her booth, while Fat Joe pops in to stare with an incredulous look on his face. "How do you like them … doughnuts," Damon says, completely dejected. "I’m so sorry."

Affleck then tries to explain: "You had to see it, but I forgive you!" before blowing JLo a kiss and asking her to "lay [them] on the track!" However, Lopez turns her husband down, who responds with a baseball reference as he walks out: "That’s cold. You’re blinded by them pinstripes! There goes Babe Ruth!"

The couple's commercial has been heavily praised by viewers on X (formerly Twitter), with many expressing their delight over the star-studded campaign.

"The hold this @dunkindonuts commercial has on me right now. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon auditioning for Jennifer Lopez to be on her album?! Perfection. No notes," one person wrote, while another chimed in: "Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ commercial was PERFECT."

Someone gushed: "Definite #1 thus far is Ben Affleck/Dunkin for best commercial," with a fourth adding: "Super Bowl adverts are a thing and this year @dunkindonuts wins by a touchdown with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady acting MVP’s."

We hope to see the couple reunite for their next Super Bowl ad!

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