Taylor Swift praised by fans for “incredibly respectful” gesture after Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl win

Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, you won’t have been able to escape Taylor Swift’s face if you tuned in to watch this year’s Super Bowl at the weekend.

That Swift would find herself dragged into the media coverage of the event was to be expected given her high-profile relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The pair have become one of the most talked about couples on the planet over the course of the past few months, thanks in no small part to Swift’s meteoric rise to arguably the most famous person on the planet.

The lovebirds enjoyed a culmination to the NFL season worthy of a Hollywood script this past Sunday, as Kelce’s Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime to win the Super Bowl.

Music phenomenon Swift was on hand to watch the game in Las Vegas, Nevada, and her presence sparked more than just a few headlines post-match.

Of course, the overload of attention the 34-year-old has been given at NFL matches isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many fans of the sport have expressed their displeasure at the cameras seemingly cutting back to Swift every time Kelce’s name is mentioned, but few can deny that the pair’s reunion on the pitch at the end of the Super Bowl wasn’t heartwarming.
Indeed, a specific clip filmed just after the Chief got their hands on the Lombardi Trophy is steadily going viral, showing Swift making her way down to the field alongside Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna.

Upon seeing his loved ones, Travis instantly moved towards them. Now many fans are pointing out that Swift can be seen on camera taking a step back so as to allow Donna Kelce a special moment with her son first.

The clip in question – which has proven immensely popular on TikTok – garnered plenty of comments. One read: “The way she is so respectful of his relationships with his parents and he’s so soft with her. She deserves this love.”

Another added: “The way she ALWAYS lets Donna get that first hug.”

A third chimed: “He’s so good to her. She’s so respectful for letting mama get hugs first.”

A fourth said: “Can we talk about her waiting behind his mum and him going to his mum first!!! We love a family man!!!💗 💗💗💗”

Only yesterday it was reported that Travis Kelce had said three words to Swift after first embracing his mother.

There had been some pre-game speculation as to the possibility of Travis proposing if the Chiefs were to win. While he didn’t do that, he instead pivoted to Swift and said, “Come here girl.”

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