‘Do you ever age?’: Elizabeth Hurley, 58, sizzles in bikini photos

A British actress doesn’t care what critics say, she’s going to post sexy swimwear snaps – leaving fans in awe of her “ageless” appearance.

Elizabeth Hurley has caused a stir after sharing a bikini-clad “thirst trap” with her millions of followers.

The seemingly “ageless” actress, who turned 58 in June, shared two photos of herself enjoying a sauna while wearing a hot-pink bikini.

Despite the fact she’s copped criticism in the past for sharing sexy swimwear photos, Hurley proved she doesn’t care what they think, leaving fans wondering “how” she always looks so good.

“Good morning @vivamayrmariawoerth,” Hurley wrote alongside the snaps, revealing she was at an exclusive Austrian health resort.

“May the exercise, detox and healthy eating commence.”
The photos quickly garnered a huge reaction from fans, with many praising the Hollywood movie star, who notably appeared in the 1997 blockbuster ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery’.

“How is she still this beautiful?” read one comment, while another noted, “You already look the perfection of health & fitness.”

“Absolute perfection,” another shared.

As one declared: “You haven’t changed in years and yet you’re still beautiful as ever.”

“Do you ever age at all? You still look just as good as you did when you were like 29!” another agreed.

It’s not the first time Hurley has checked into the ritzy wellness spa, with the star checking in back in 20222 following an ankle injury.

“I tore the ligaments in my left ankle whilst filming in the Caribbean in November,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

“Lying on the sofa for two months, followed by a month of limping around in an air boot, meant that I basically became a slug.”
Hurley, shot to fame when she accompanied then-boyfriend Hugh Grant to the premiere of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ in 1994 clad in a black Versace dress that was held together by several oversized gold safety pins.

Since then she has maintained a steady acting career but is also known for her swimsuit line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, which she launched in 2005.

Hurley has occasionally faced criticism for her thirst trap photos but has explained that there is a business decision behind all the sexy snaps.

“I have my own swimwear line,” Hurley told Extra in May 2021.

“I wouldn’t ordinarily be prancing around in quite so much beachwear, so there is a reason behind prancing around in so many swimsuits.

“I think people are mean to women and I don’t think it’s how people should be, so I can’t say I am a fan of those comments, really.”

Despite vowing “never” to wear the iconic safety-pin dress that catapulted her to fame, Hurley recreated the sexy ensemble back in 2019, wearing a modern take on the gown for a Harper’s Bazaar shoot.

Fans loved the updated version of the Versace dress.

“Wow, it was the most iconic red carpet moment then and even better now,” one wrote on Instagram.

Others declared “Liz looks amazing” adding the outfit was “iconic”.

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