Disney delights fans with Moana 2 announcement, teaser and release date

Moana 2 will be arriving this year
Disney has left fans stunned with the surprise announcement that a Moana sequel is on the way.

Not only is Moana 2 happening, but it is also close to being finished and will be arriving on the big screen later this year.

On Wednesday, Disney released a short teaser for the film, and revealed it will be released on November 27.

You can watch the teaser below.

Speaking about the surprise sequel, Disney CEO Bob Iger said: “Moana remains and incredibly popular franchise and we can’t wait to give you more of Moana and Maui and Moana 2 comes to theaters this November.”

Iger also revealed that Moana 2 had originally been conceived as a TV series for Disney+, but the decision was taken to bring the project to cinemas and capitalise on the popularity of both the first film and its titular character.

Released in 2016, Moana made more than $680 million at the worldwide box office, and is widely considered to be one of Disney’s greatest animated films.

The shock news of a Moana sequel left fans delighted, with one writing: “I’m so excited, I can’t wait!”

Another said: “Oh heck yeah, I’m so excited for Moana 2!”

A third commented: “So you were working on one all this time?! I can’t wait to see it! Hard to believe the 1st one will be 8 years old at the end of this year!!”

Disney had already announced last year that it was working on a live-action adaptation of the first film, produced by Dwayne Johnson.

The live-action project is set to see Johnson return to his role as demi-god Maui and is scheduled for release on June 27, 2025 in the US.

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