The 'perfect human body' created by biologists is creeping people out

You might not believe in the existence of a 'perfect human body,' but that assumption would be incorrect.

The concept of a 'perfect body' varies from person to person, with preferences ranging from a fully muscular physique to embracing a more relaxed 'dad bod' aesthetic.

Rarely, however, does the idea include legs with the shock-absorbing capabilities of an emu – unless, of course, you're delving deep into the specifics.

Yet, according to a group of anatomists, these emu-like legs are considered a desirable feature as they embarked on crafting a flawless 'body' devoid of any human imperfections.

The revelation of this 'perfect human body' occurred during the broadcast of BBC Four’s Can Science Make Me Perfect in 2018.

You can see it for yourself here:

A clip from the show has since resurfaced and went viral as viewers reacted to the thing of nightmares.

The video shows anatomist Alice Roberts in the final stages of her journey to create a version of her body from scratch - without any human imperfections.

And, to be honest, we wish she hadn't.

Unveiling the mock-up body, or Alice 2.0 as it's affectionately called in the show, audience members were rightfully horrified.
The figure with emu legs and a baby's head sticking out of its stomach looks like it could be a deleted scene from the Alien franchise.

Roberts says, before unveiling Frankenstein's monster, that it's 'been an extraordinary project' and that she's 'terribly excited' to see the results.

The anatomist then proceeds to count down with the live audience, which culminates in a scream from Roberts and mixed sounds of repulsion from the crowd.

Everyone then starts laughing because the figure looks like a real-life Avatar character holding an iPhone.

"Oh no, I can't look at it," Roberts says about her supposedly perfect self.

Speaking of the child protruding from the figure's stomach, she adds: "The baby's the weirdest thing. That is the weirdest thing, but it's very cute at the same time."
Introducing the concept of pain-free childbirth, a baby is incorporated into the scenario – a feature that, quite frankly, doesn't appear to justify the endeavor. The video then treats viewers to a slow-motion panoramic view of the figure accompanied by dramatic music, just in case additional reasons to watch were necessary. Detailing the peculiar attributes of Alice 2.0, Roberts explains the inclusion of a 'chimp's sturdy lower back' to counterbalance the challenges of our imperfect transition to an upright stance. Additionally, she boasts the 'shock-absorbing legs of an emu.' But that's not all. In a bid to enhance blood circulation, tiny pumps are installed in her thighs. And lastly, but certainly not least, "Beneath her breast-less chest lies the reliable heart of a dog and the graceful lungs of a swan." Because, naturally, who hasn't, at some point, admired the grace of a swan's lungs? Completing the ensemble, Alice 2.0 features a neck equipped with a 'choke-proof windpipe' for optimal fighting capabilities.

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