Novak Djokovic has ’15 year special relationship’ with tree in Melbourne

“There’s one particular tree…”
Novak Djokovic has opened up about the ‘special relationship’ he has with a specific tree located in Melbourne.

The tennis champion says he has been visiting for the last 15 years, located in the Australian city’s Botanical Gardens, that he has found a connection with.

With the Australian Open currently underway, the grand slam champ revealed that he loves to return to his beloved tree.

“I just have a connection.”

“There’s one particular tree that I’ve been having [a] special relationship with, so to say, in the last 15 years,” he said after a recent game.

“I love every corner of [the] botanical gardens. I think it’s [an] incredible treasure for Melbourne to have such a park and nature in the middle of the city.

“I got connected with that tree. I just liked it. I liked its roots and the trunks and branches and everything. So I started climbing it years ago. That’s it. I just have a connection.”

He continued: “That particular tree, I cannot reveal which one, I’ll try to keep it discreet for myself when I’m there to have my own time. I like to ground myself and connect with that old friend.”

The 36-year-old previously opened up about his connetion to the tree back in 2016.

“This tree has been here a long time, much longer than any one of us,” he shared.

“Imagine how much energy and wisdom it has! So grateful that I can spend time in the nature. That’s what the day off looks like.”

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