Irish pub offering free pints of Guinness if you can split the G

Challenge accepted.

Attention, Guinness drinkers! An Irish pub is offering free pints of the black stuff to its patrons that can split the G.

For any non-pintpeople out there, ‘splitting the G’ is a special Guinness-drinking practice.

To do so, people on their first sip of the brand of creamy pint must drink enough that the bottom of the head falls in the middle of the letter “g” in the Guinness logo on the glass.

A challenging feat, Galway bar An Púcán is nevertheless rewarding those who can master the art.

Irish pub offering free pints of Guinness if you can split the G This is through its Split the G competition that takes place every Wednesday from 8pm, with the pub explaining:
“When you buy a creamy pint of Guinness, you’ll have the option to ‘Split the G’ – and if you’re successful, we’ll give you a free pint on us. “All you have to do is successfully split the G in front of one of our team members – that means making sure the black line is level with the centre of the ‘G’. “It’s a lot of fun to give it a go, so why not join in the craic and see if you can do it too? And remember, you can only win a free pint by splitting the G on a pint you’ve paid for – not free pints.”

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