Norwegian snow blast forecast to hit UK with just 2 regions spared

There could be ’10cm of snow an hour’

A Scandinavian snow blast is forecast to hit the UK in the coming days, with just two regions set to avoid snow.

Weather modelling maps from WX Charts, using Met Desk, predict that snow will move across the country on the second weekend of February.

Some areas could experience as much as “10cm per hour” of snow on Saturday, February 10, the Mirror reports.

The Met Office has since said that there will be a “greater likelihood of wintry conditions.” At this point in time, only Northern Ireland and southern England are not forecast to see snow next month.

WX Charts predicts that parts of the UK will experience a huge 26cm of the white stuff. Northern England is forecast to see 10cm, whilst the rest of the nation, including Wales and the Midlands, will see 1-4cm.

The Met Office says the early part of February continues to be “changeable, with spells of wet and windy weather for many parts of the UK.”
“The northwest is likely to see the heaviest and most frequent or most persistent rain, while the southeast will tend to be drier overall,” the forecaster adds.

Looking at the second half of February, the Met Office says there is an “increasing likelihood of more settled conditions or winds favouring a northerly component”, which would mean a “greater likelihood of wintry conditions at times.”

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