Lip readers share what they believe Taylor Swift said when the NFL cameras once again focused on her

Lip readers have shared what they believe Taylor Swift said when the NFL cameras panned to her - once again - during a recent game.

Ever since the 34-year-old started being linked with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, she's been popping up in the crowd at his games, much to the delight of some Swifties.

However, not everyone's been a fan of Swift's appearances, with many stating that it's taking away from the game.

"I really don't want to see Taylor Swift during the game tomorrow. I do not care that your kid will now ask you questions about football because they show her," one user wrote on X (formerly Twitter) prior to the game.
"Dear @NFL Media: Can U Please Stop Forcing Taylor Swift On Football Fans! We Get It She’s At The Game & She’s A Phenomenal Artist! But Damn If We Want To See Her This Much We’ll Go To Her Concert!! Y’all Show Her More Than Y’all Show The Owner Of The Chiefs! We Love Her But DAMN!" another added.

"This game is so rigged lol. I'm not even a fan of either team. But man this is an embarrassment for the NFL. Can't believe we will always remember the 2023 season as the Year Taylor Swift Ruined Football," a third irritated user commented.

While initially, it seemed as though the 'Love Story' singer was fine with the attention, she's now seemingly done with the cameras while she's out trying to support her boyfriend.

At yesterday's AFC championship game (January 28), which saw the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens go head-to-head at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Swift didn't look too pleased when she appeared on the big screen.

Check out the moment below:

In fact, in a clip from the game, the 'Bad Blood' singer can be seeing saying something as she looks up at the screen - with social media users believing that she said the words: "Go away, please".

Upon seeing the clip, fans took to social media once again, to express their opinions on the alleged move.

"You know what, she’s got my respect. I know she’s never been at fault for the constant coverage of her at these she games as it’s been nauseating to no end," wrote one user. Really wish the networks would stop this as they only need to show her and other celebrities once.

"She’s there as a fan and spectator, nothing more and less. Media coverage of her at these games has not helped as it’s unintentionally made her an enemy among passionate sports fans," they added.

Others also suggested that even she was aware that the media were "overdoing it."

As the discussion continued online, some also suggested that she was actually not focused on the camera and instead saw a Grammy banner and said: "Oh, the Grammys!"
The Chiefs won the AFC Championship Game 17-10 against the Ravens and Swift ran down to the field to hug and kiss her boyfriend in an adorable moment between the two.

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