The celebrity from Deal Or No Deal, who predicted his imminent demise to Stephen Mulhern, has garnered almost £30,000 in funds.

ITV viewers were recently emotionally touched when a television contestant openly shared that his time is limited. The response was so profound that an impressive sum of nearly £30,000 has been raised for Brad Wale.
During Thursday's episode of Deal or No Deal, the young contestant found himself becoming emotional. Host Stephen Mulhern prompted Brad to share his plans for potential winnings, leading to a candid revelation about his health.

Brad disclosed, "Last year, things changed quite a lot for me; I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease..." In a courageous on-air conversation, his voice cracking, he continued, "I never cry when I talk about it normally... So the prognosis isn't really that great."

Expressing his intentions for the winnings, Brad said, "So I'd put it towards my bucket list, go and see different places around the world, and give my family and partner some money before... yeah."

When Mulhern sought clarification about the mentioned 'bucket list,' Brad explained that while "Stephen Hawking lived for 55 years," the average life expectancy for those with the condition is only "a few years."

His fellow contestants were deeply moved by his revelation, evoking tears from viewers at home. Brad has already generated significant funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, having undertaken a sponsored skydive last year.

Expressing his earnest desire, he stated, "My one wish is for them to find a cure or a decent treatment to ease symptoms and prolong life." Despite winning only a modest sum of five pounds on the ITV show, viewers have rallied together to contribute substantially.

Following Brad's appearance on the show, his friend and Deal or No Deal co-star Rochelle Hughes initiated a fundraiser to support him in achieving items on his bucket list. On the GoFundMe page, she wrote, "I’m sure you all saw Brad's devastating game on Deal or No Deal."
"His Deal or No Deal (DOND) family is eager to see him realize his dreams, and we've established this in the hope that anyone could spare a couple of pounds to help Brad check off items from his Bucket List."

It appears that more than just a few people have indeed contributed a couple of quid, as the fundraiser currently stands at just under £30,000. In just two days, over 2,000 individuals have made donations.

One contributor expressed, "Brad, you touched the hearts of a nation this week with your story and your searing honesty... what an inspiration you are... please go on now and get some of those dreams on your list ticked off!" Another added, "I watched your show, which had me in tears. Hope this fund will help you achieve some of your dreams. Best wishes to you and your family."

Many hailed him as 'inspiring,' stating that he 'deserved to win big' on the show. If you'd like to contribute to the fundraiser, you can do so here.

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