Selfie from top of Mount Everest destroys Flat Earth theory once and for all

If you're inclined to believe that the Earth is flat, I could direct you to numerous sources. However, sometimes a visual is more impactful. Take a look at this selfie captured from the summit of Mount Everest.
As the Earth's tallest mountain above sea level, reaching the peak of Mount Everest provides one of the most breathtaking views achievable with feet firmly planted on the ground—assuming, of course, that the skies are clear.

Keeping this in mind, the mountain undeniably stands out as one of the prime locations for capturing an exceptional photograph. Not only would such an image grant you impressive bragging rights, but it also serves as a compelling lesson in Earth's geometry.

Recognizing that not everyone can scale Mount Everest, let's rely on an existing selfie to make the point. The photo was taken by a climber at the summit of the mountain, towering at over 8,848 meters.

From that lofty vantage point, using a strategically angled camera, the climber snapped a selfie revealing a clear depiction of the Earth curving into a sphere in the background.

This visual representation of our planet directly contradicts the beliefs of certain conspiracy theorists regarding Earth's shape. Consequently, the image found its way to Reddit, where it was shared with the caption: "Checkmate Flat Earth Society."
As you can probably imagine, it wasn't long before people started joining in with the poster's jokey confrontation of the Flat Earth theory.

After coming across the post on Reddit, one person wrote: "I maintain that only like six people believe in a flat Earth. Everyone else is just trolling each other."

Another added: "I'm all for a good conspiracy theory but there are some, including the flat earth, that are just too much."

Though the Earth's proven roundness caught a lot of the attention, many people were unable to ignore the absolute state of Mount Everest shown in the photo.

"Why does the top of Everest look like a garbage dump?," one person asked.
The photograph displays a multitude of vibrant fabric pieces strewn across the summit of the mountain, along with remnants of waste abandoned by previous climbers.

National Geographic aptly labels the mountain as the 'world’s highest garbage dump' due to the accumulation of discarded items. Unfortunately, given its challenging accessibility and the peak season's influx of up to 500 visitors daily, the cleanup of Mount Everest's summit seems unlikely in the near future.

This selfie imparts a valuable lesson, emphasizing the crucial need for us to take greater responsibility in preserving the cleanliness of our UNDOUBTEDLY SPHERICAL Earth.

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