Police confiscate smartly dressed dog from ‘intoxicated’ owner

Call the fashion police!
A dog in a collared shirt has delighted the internet after being rescued from its intoxicated owner.

Despite taking the time to fit the pooch in a smart shirt, the owner “wasn’t looking after it properly” and police were called.

On August 18 earlier this year, British Transport Police (BTP) in Midlands were alerted to concerns for a dog’s welfare via text message.

Arriving at Wolverhampton railway station to check on the hound, and to see if any crimes had been committed, officers came across the dog in blue.

The owner, the force said, was “intoxicated and not adequately caring for her dog.”

BTP later shared a pic of the dog, paws resting against the door of a police van, while it looked out the window towards freedom. An officer behind it holds its lead while giving a thumbs up. Over 16,000 people have viewed it.

Commenting on the picture, one person asked if BTP dressed “the dog up for the photo?”

BTP replied: “Can confirm the fashion crime was not our doing!”

Another commenter asked: “How do I report a crime? That shirt is a fashion crime.”

And another wrote: “I do hope the police officer in the blue t-shirt is wearing a seatbelt LOL.”

BTP said the dog has been placed in alternative care.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “Officers were called to Wolverhampton railway station following reports of an intoxicated woman and concerns for the welfare of her dog.

“Officers attended and the dog has been temporarily placed in alternative care. Our enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

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