Martha Stewart, 82, blows fans away with thirst trap photo in her nightwear

Fans were left astonished as Martha Stewart shared yet another captivating selfie on social media. The 82-year-old businesswoman, renowned for her timeless beauty, demonstrated that she maintains a flawless appearance even right after waking up.
In the photo, she elegantly posed in a grey, silky nightgown paired with a matching robe featuring a white lace trim. Her perfectly tousled hair bore the marks of a good night's sleep, and she wore a slight pout on her lips.

Addressing her followers, she revealed, "After an arduous eight-hour plane trip from Westchester to Palm Beach – which was quite unpleasant, by the way – we retired early, and I adorned myself in my beautiful @sabbiarosa nightgown (linen with robe). I didn't look too shabby when I woke up, at least not as disheveled as I did before going to bed – it must be the luxurious outfit!"

Check out the sultry snap below:

Her morning glamour left fans understandably awestruck, and they didn't hesitate to shower her with compliments.

Patricia Arquette cheered, "You go girl!", while Ellen Pompeo dubbed her a "smoke show."

One fan quipped, "Sheesh! Save some sexy for the rest of us, Mama!" Another added, "Martha chill, my man is on this app!!"

In a playful tone, someone joked, "Thirst Trap Martha is my favorite Martha," and a fan eagerly expressed, "Martha Stewart thirst traps are the best. WE NEED MORE MARTHA."

A follower humorously noted, "'She woke up like that'… 'cause she’s Martha darn Stewart."

Martha attributes her remarkable genes to her mother, who believed in "good living" rather than fixating on aging. In an interview on The Today Show, she shared, "I think all of us should think about good living, successful living, and not aging. The whole aging thing is so boring, you know what I mean?"

She went on to discuss her initiative, the Center for Living at Mt. Sinai, emphasizing the focus on growing old gracefully. Martha stated, "We don’t think about aging; we think about successful living. We try to instill in people the desire to eat well, exercise well, have friends, have pets – to do all the things that make you happy as you get older. So that’s what I’m all about."
Even in her 80s, Martha refuses to let age hinder her pursuits, as evidenced by her groundbreaking achievement in May when she became the oldest woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue.

In preparation for the shoot, she dedicated two months, acknowledging to the New York Times, "I had to make sure I was ready to pose in a bathing suit. It took a bit of vanity but also a bit of confidence."

She reflected, "I thought: 'If I’m feeling good enough physically and mentally to do such a thing, I’m up for it.'"

Truly, she is a legend.

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