GTA 6 will be the first game most of us are legally able to buy

The first GTA our parents aren’t buying for us
In 2025, the world is going to come to a halt due to the release of the highly anticipated sixth instalment of Grant Theft Auto.

The news was confirmed last Monday when Rockstar released the trailer to the game around 14 hours earlier than expected.

The reason why? Because the trailer was initially leaked the day before the trailer was due to come out.

Sharing the first glimpse into Vice City, Rockstar wrote: “Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube.”

The trailer has broken records left, right, and centre, but the weirdest thing is that when this GTA comes out, it will likely be the first GTA any of us have been able to buy legally.

Posting to Reddit, one person wrote: “I was 11 when GTA 5 came out what about you?”

The question freaked a lot of people out with many entering near existential crisis.

One responded saying: “Damn now I’m 20 and I’m already divorced.”

Another said: “I was 16 when GTA 5 dropped and I’ll be 28 when the new one comes out. Life comes at you fast.”

Sure does.

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