Joey Barton claims the ‘British, white, middle-aged man is under attack’ in latest rant

‘Somebody take away his social media’
Last week, Joey Barton ruffled more than a few feathers when he rather randomly took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to say that he doesn’t believe women should be able to talk with any authority about men’s football.

Since then, he’s gone a number of other rants too.

The first of which came last week when Barton took to X and wrote a number of tweets where he both celebrated women’s football but also said female pundits shouldn’t talk about the men’s game.

More specifically he wrote: “Women shouldn’t be talking with any kind of authority in the men’s game. Come on. Let’s be serious. It’s a completely different game. If you don’t accept that. We will always see things differently.

“The women’s game is thriving. Fantastic to see. I cannot take a thing they say serious in the men’s arena.”

He followed up this original tweet with another, saying: “Any man who sits and engages with them in this regard has sold out. The game is about levels. Most men’s opinion has little value. Never mind anyone else…”

He then added: “Any man who listens to Women commentary or co-comms needs their heads testing…”

As many took to X to blast Barton for his comments, he responded to many individually.

One person responded to Barton, writing: “He’s finished in football and he knows it, Nobody would have him as a commentator, probably angling for a job on GB news now.”

In the days that followed Barton’s above tweets, he’s gone on quite the social media rampage. His latest rant is about how British, white, middle-aged men are under attack.

In arguably his most ludicrous tweet yet, Barton shared a video of his sons playing football and wrote: “These two young men already kicking that ball better at 16 months and 5 years. If they have a fantastic career in the game. Like their dad did.

“When they stop playing and are middle aged, there will be no jobs for them in the football industry because they are white, middle aged and male. In the Men’s game. Because the aren’t the right ethnicity. They don’t tick those tokenistic boxes. Because they are British men.

“How can that be right in the English Premier League? We have to take this fight up for future generations. This is not about us. The British, White, Middle Aged men is under attack.

“Strap your d*cks on Monday people. We have to get to work before the Simps, the Feminist’s, the Racists and the Woke get there way. They’re intent on destroying everything because they are weak and talentless.

“They want to pull everyone and everything down. Take my boys future away? And thousands of young lads across this great land. Not on my watch. You’re going to have to kill me you c****.”


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