Dad spends £1k on Prime energy drink as Xmas presents for his kids

‘£1k for £20 worth of Prime’
A dad has admitted to spending £1,000 on caseloads of Prime energy drink to gift to his sons for Christmas.

Prime was created by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul and has become one of the most sort after drinks in the country.

Demand for the drink has been fuelled by the popularity of both KSI and Paul among teenagers and children, with the pair sharing over 50 million subscribers between them.

So, one dad knew what the perfect Christmas present for his sons would be this year, and he didn’t stop at getting them just one or two bottles each.

Despite costing £1.99 a bottle, the father decided to fork out £1,000 on crates of the stuff.

A shopkeeper took to TikTok to film the exchange, where the father paid way over the £1.99 RRP. In the clip, Wakey Wines owner Abdul asked: “So how much have you spent in total?” The parent replied while holding one of the packs: “£1,000.”

Abdul said: “£1,000 and you just bought all this for a Christmas present, yeah?”

He then turned to the boys and said: “You’ve got a good daddy, I’ll give you a bag of free candy, it’s on me.”

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people in the comments were shocked and appalled at how much the dad had spent, and said he’d paid well over the odds for it.

One person said: “Bro that’s worth £150 max”

Another said: “1k for £20 worth of Prime”

A third added: “Cold candy and a cold house now they can’t afford the heating”

And someone else simply described it as “actually sad.”

Prime comes in a range of flavours including Tropical Punch, Coconut Water, Lemon Lime and Blue Raspberry, and includes added vitamins.

Asda had previously been the only supermarket chain in the UK that stocked the drink, but on Thursday morning Aldi had limited stock available for customers.

Both adults and children were queueing at stores across the land on Thursday morning, prompting chaotic scenes in some stores.

Aldi had imposed a limit of one bottle of each flavour per customer to combat the expected high demand.

A customer at one store was left fuming though because of one man’s devious attempt to get his hands on as many bottles of Prime energy drink as possible.

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