Customer notices employee health insurance itemized on restaurant bill and people are divided

A posted online receipt has sparked controversy, leaving individuals divided on whether a restaurant is treating both its customers and employees fairly. While it's widely acknowledged that paying taxes and tipping generously is equitable when dining out, as many servers rely on tips for income, a recent diner was taken aback by an unexpected addition to the bill.

A post has surfaced on the 'Mildly Interesting' Reddit thread featuring an itemized receipt from a customer who paid for their meal at Giant in Chicago. The bill included tax, total, and an obligatory $5.65 charge designated for the server's health insurance. This sparked online discussions and speculations about the restaurant, with many questioning why diners seemed to be covering the cost of the server's health insurance instead of the company, as it is typically the employer's responsibility to provide health insurance.
One reader computed the perceived expense, stating, "Considering they're levying a percentage based on the meal cost, and health insurance is a fixed monthly rate per employee."

Another humorously remarked, "Coming soon: Property tax surcharge - 8%, Power & Water Utility fee - 3%, CEO Bonus fee - 22%, Doubling the Profit fee - 200%."

A third individual labeled the charge as 'absurd.'
Nevertheless, a commentator expressed, "Alright, deduct 5% from the tip, problem resolved."

Another individual remarked, "I would willingly contribute an additional 5 dollars to all my transactions in this country if it meant providing healthcare for people."
Another individual sought to provide 'additional context,' asserting that the health insurance fee is clearly stated on the menu and online, and it has been so 'since it opened.'

While some were not only surprised by the added charge but also by the overall pricing on the bill, with ice cream listed at $13 and scallops at $19.

According to the Chicago Eatery, the restaurant has distributed the insurance cost into thirds, with the company and employees each covering one-third. To cover the total expense, customers are then subject to a 2 percent surcharge on their meals.

The establishment claims to have received no negative feedback from customers regarding this surcharge, with reported instances of it being positively acknowledged.

The restaurant's ownership also emphasized that the insurance provision contributes to making Giant a superior restaurant and ensures the satisfaction of their employees.

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