Steve Harvey was left in tears after being surprised by couple who helped him while homeless and living in car

In an iconic TV moment, Steve Harvey was left in tears after being surprised by a couple who helped him while he was homeless.
The Family Feud host has seen a bunch of iconic moments happen on his show over the years, but perhaps no more so than this one.

Some ten+ years ago, Harvey broke down in tears after receiving a phone call from a couple who played a very important role in his life.

In a special birthday edition of his show, Harvey was told by some of his producers how there was someone special waiting on the line. Watch his reaction below:

The moment the TV presenter got a glimpse of Rich Liss on the monitor, he broke down into tears.

"This is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida," Liss said. "Do you still love me, baby?"

It turned out that Liss was just calling in to wish Harvey a happy birthday, something that came 30 years after he provided more than just his wishes for his 26th birthday.

Liss and his wife Becky helped get the TV presenter back on his feet after he was living in his car for a period of time.

Holding back tears, Harvey said: "I didn’t have nothing. These people took me in."

"I love you, man," Harvey added to which Liss, who was also clearly emotional bye the interaction, said: "I love you too, man."

Harvey then went on to explain the situation involving himself and Liss, saying the latter allowed him to open a bank account in his name at a travel agency.
The now 66-year-old racked up a $11,000 bill that Liss never made him pay back.

"I got money now, Rich," Harvey emotionally added. "I’m going to fly a plane out to Orlando to pick up you and Becky. I’m going to fly you out to the show. I’ve been looking for you for years, man.

"You guys bailed me out, and I never forgot it."

This touching moment comes after Harvey defended his wife Marjorie Harvey following affair rumors.

Steve and Marjorie have been married since 2007 and he adopted her three children from a previous relationship: daughters Morgan, 38, and Lori, 26, and son Jason, 32. Steve also has four other children from past relationships.

“[My] marriage is fine," he told an audience at Invest Fest in Atlanta. “I don’t know what y’all are doin’, but find something else to do cause we fine, Lord have mercy.”

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