Vegans are better in bed than meat-eaters, according to science

Ribs or rumpity rump – your choice!

Those on a plant-based diet perform better, last longer and generally have more sex than their meat-eating counterparts, a study has found.

Data compiled by the dating website showed that overall, vegetarians and vegans have a far better sex life than those who choose to eat a meat-based diet. They surveyed 500 vegetarians, 38 per cent of which identified as vegan, alongside 500 meat-eaters.

They found that vegetarians were more likely to enjoy foreplay.

Vegetarians and vegans are extremely partial to activities other than penetrative sex, with 92 per cent of them enjoying making out, 88 per cent enjoying foreplay and 48 per cent enjoying dirty talk. In contrast, 79 per cent of meat-eaters enjoy making out, 68 per cent enjoy foreplay and 48 per cent enjoy dirty talk.

The study also found that 57 per cent of vegetarians have sex 3-4 times a week but 49 per cent of meat-eaters only get down and dirty 1-2 times a week.

If you are regularly chowing down on a steak or some fried chicken, then you might be part of the 59 per cent of meat-eaters that feel satisfied with the sex lives. However while 59 per cent may seem promising, when you compare it to the 84 per cent of vegetarians that feel satisfied with their sex lives, your unfulfilled sexual fantasies may be down to all that fried chicken.
As if things couldn’t get any bleaker for all those partial to a bacon sandwich, 95 per cent of vegan participants say they are satisfied with their sex lives.

The study also showed that meat-eaters are notoriously selfish in bed, which could be down to their lack of sexual activity. If you enjoy giving pleasure to others in the sack then you could be part of the 58 per cent of vegetarians that say they love nothing more than being generous in bed.

58 per cent of vegetarians claim they are givers in bed rather than takers, while only 35 per cent of meat-eaters describe themselves as givers – suggesting that meat-lovers are a tad selfish in bed.

So next time your reach for that next sweet and sour chicken ball, perhaps consider a veggie spring roll instead. Though the chicken may fill you up, you are statistically less likely to be getting your fill of everyone’s favourite passtime.

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